Patriarch Zekon

Patriarch Zekon is a human male, leader of the Stronghold of the First Principles.

He commands a number of valkyries, including several sword-saints.

He is on friendly terms with the Ninth Menegril and Ulrich's werebears.

He is known to have two remaining prisoners who were tried and condemned to death, but then given an indefinite stay of sentence in case their deaths could benefit the cause of Law somehow. A third such prisoner died fighting Lotur in the adventure F1: Bag of the Feeble Condemned Old Man.

Patriarch Zekon raised Maldoor and Lotur from the dead.

He is interested in obtaining the relics of the Verdant Paladin, who also served the First Principles. He bought those found in the dragon Xiurephalor from those who killed the wyrm, and has requested that the dragon's stomachs be retrieved for pieces of the paladin's body; they were last seen headed for Hruhrudingfallor in the motorcar of Mr. Toad.

It appears that Deaconess Kaja of the Church of the Killing Frost in Hruhrudingfallor is opposed to Zekon and aiding the frost giants to destroy him.

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