A villainous wizard and likely antagonist of The Cage of Serimet, Yorta somehow offended an order of paladins, who beseeched Serimet to aid them in trapping Yorta in an underground prison. This imprisonment has lasted at least 20-30 years, possibly longer. The rites performed by the paladins, and powered by Serimet, effectively keep Yorta on a type of cosmic leash: no matter where he might go, at dawn he is teleported back to the prison. Yorta, however, is clever, and has managed to imprison Serimet in a couatl's body, and then imprison the body between two shining pillars. Thus, each has the other one confined, and there is a lasting battle of wills as to who will let the other go first.

Yorta has a portal to the Crossroads, so he can explore other weird dimensions and stuff—though he'll get dragged back to his prison at dawn every day. Yorta also has two homonculi, a very powerful golem named Mother, and the usual suite of wizardly abilities. He can shoot lightning, summon bizarre monsters, and so on. He clearly possesses the power to entrap Serimet, but apparently cannot disrupt whatever mystic leash keeps him tethered to the prison. Or perhaps he can escape but chooses not to.

"Aged but yet vital, Yorta is … vain, frequently shirtless and sporting heavy gold bracers. His apartments are stuffed with luxuries from impossible places, and he dines like a prince."

Yorta has an active social life, for a prisoner. His portal to the Crossroads allows him to converse, cavort, and conspire with beings from across the multiverse. He feels fairly contemptuous of the paladins who entrapped him, but has been playing chess against Vrithni, the leader of the order, for a long time.

In the rules of D&D 5th Edition, Yorta is very likely a wizard. To create Mother, probably a golem, he would need at least 2 spell slots of 5th level, making him level 10 (in any full-caster class). Note that Yorta had access to a manual of golems but, per the rules, it was consumed in creating Mother. Yorta knows the spell lightning bolt and magic circle, and probably planar binding, which he renews on Serimet fairly frequently. (This is extremely expensive, costing $1000 for each renewal, but for Yorta it's worth it.) Yorta may know conjure elemental or some similar spell.

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