Yoda of the Dogballs

Yoda is an elderly female goblin. She is known to travel to Hruhrudingfallor in a sedan chair, borne by human servants in crescent moon tabards and guarded by human fighting men in plate armor.

Yoda sought out Fosra while the latter was shopping in the Hruhrudingfallor marketplace; nothing about the goblin detected as extraplanar. Yoda got a good look at Fosra and then departed.

Fosra then sought out Yoda, and wound up buying the only bar in the town (now renamed Fosra's Alehouse) where goblins were welcome in order to earn their trust. (The bar had been at risk of losing its lease). Yoda said she was the leader of the Dogballs goblins, who occupy the Underthrone. She said that she was here because King Snurre, who sits the throne, has been restless in his anger at someone who has stolen from him. Fosra bought a round of drinks for herself and Yoda. After Fosra narrowly avoided swallowing a bug in her ale, Yoda departed; shortly afterwards all the goblins in Hruhrudingfallor also left town.

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