Yakutz The Bloody

Yakutz The Bloody, Glantrian Partizan

This ebony staved partisan has a long dagger-like spear head with a catching hilt and a bright red tassel affixed. The filligree name Yakutz the Bloody is on the blade.

It is perfectly balanced and spins easily around the wielder in a flash of steel and bright red.
+1 to hit and damage, -1 to AC; the magical effects only work if the character uses no other weapon but the Partizan for a session of play.
If the character uses any other weapon in a session, the benefits are lost and they must "practice" with the partizan for a whole session, by using it alone, before the benefits return. All characters start unpracticed with the partizan.

The AC benefit has been lost after Yakutz was used to strike a rust monster.

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