This village situated in the northwest corner of the Valley of the Owls was a destination for relaxing nobles - not too many, but enough to lend it some cachet, now all but faded. The spectacular scenery and fresh mountain air still invigorate, but the vineyards are now fallow and the great bath house has long since been converted to a small outpost of the agriculture goddess Wenta.

Lately things have soured even more. Shops are shuttering and townsfolk in the remainder of the valley report a growing and sullen strangeness to some of those they considered friends.

To the west, not yet to the soggy marshes of the valley, is the somewhat famous Howling Hollow, serving as an unnerving morning alarum to newcomers, who are smilingly told it is quite the harmless place, as it has been for years.

Update: The Company of Crossed Swords destroyed the shrieker population lending the moribund town part of its lingering reputation, but in the meantime uncovered more sinister forces at work. Some sort of cult, centered around the charm powers of 'Explictica Defilus' has been infiltrating the population in the last year.

Gavin Orkney, the rescued Constable, has been able to provide a marked map, shown below. He knows the carpenter, the general store, the blacksmith, the Temple of Wenta (in the old baths), and the Golden Grain Inn are subject to the dark reptilian rule. Red marks the habitats of the cult; green circles are those who suspect something has been wrong, including the mayor, Orville Zakarias, and a hermit-mage, Ramne.

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