Wizards' Hill

The looming mass of Wizards' Hill dominates the skyline of Glantri City. The hill is crowned by the great dome of the Council of Princes Thaumaturge, wherein the Princes of Glantri meet to discuss matters of state; its flanks are covered by elaborate manors and mansions belonging to the noble families of Glantri. The Wizard-Princes and other country nobles keep summer homes here, while the Princes-in-Exile of the Occupied Territories and the urban nobles of Glantri City itself live here year-round.

Several of the older mansions are overgrown and empty, their owners having perished without issue at some point in the past. None now intrude upon their dusty halls. Ostensibly, this is to preserve the property of any surviving heirs who may someday return to reclaim their estates. In fact, those responsible for such matters do not dare trespass, lest they suffer the wrath of whatever dreadful guardians and warding sorceries may have been left behind. Treasure-seekers occasionally attempt to break into such mansions, but discreetly; intruding upon a wizard's home is a crime, whether the owner be living or dead.

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