William of Silence
Player naked samurai
Class Fighter 2
Title Warrior
Alignment Chaotic
Strength 16 (+2 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 9 (read and write native languages)
Wisdom 10 (no change to saving throws vs. magic)
Dexterity 11 (no change on "to hit" rolls, initiative, or armor class)
Constitution 15 (+1 hit points per die)
Charisma 15 (+1 reaction adjustment; max. 5 retainers; 8 morale)
Armor Class 3 or 2
Hit Points 9+?
Special Ability
Double damage criticals when weilding a sword
Noteworthy Possessions Potion of Undead Ward, Sun Globe


This isn't a quiet man, a man of introspection and common sorrows. Not particularly uncommon sorrows, either, because fuck that. If you want to have a good time? Fine. If you want a muscled arm flashing some steel? Fine. If you want to come along, come along. Otherwise you might as well hang yourself from a tree.

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