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Language Typical Speakers Alphabet Cheesy Accent
Common most in Viridistan, the City State region, and various cosmopolitan spots None American English
Altanian Altanians, people of the City State region None Faux Native American
Amazon Amazons, jungle creatures of the south Elven Simple Flat American English
Antillian People of Antil and the Antillian Peninsula Elven Insidious Florid Frenchman
Avalonian People of Valon Aquan High Class English With Faint Russian
Demonic Demonbrood Demonic Metal
Dorin Dorins, desert dwellers Ignan Biblical/Semetic
Dunael Dunael of Dearthwood Elven Aragorn
Ghinoran Rallu, Tlan, Lenap, Chim and Damkina Glyphis/ Dwarven Bullshit Ottoman
Gishmesh People of the region of Tarantis, Karakhan Common Faux East Indian
Karakhan People of Karak Karakor Guttural Jabbering Japanese
Orichalan Orichalans, Moonrakers, City of Malikarr Draconic Transylvanian
Skandik Skandiks Dwarven Nordic/Germanic/Schwarzeneggic
Tharbrian Tharbrians, near City State and Viridistan Common Celtic-y
Tlalic The local language of Tula, mages Draconic Central American with Slavic Lurch
Viridian Viridistan, surrounding lands and merchants Common Spaniard
High Viridian Viridian nobles Infernal Ultra-Fancy Spanish Asshole

Altanian: Spoken by the red-skinned barbarian Altanians, this language dominates the Altanian Peninsula and is pervasive among the common folk of the region of the City State. Altanian is historically not a written language, though it could be written phonetically using the Common alphabet.
Amazon: This is the language of the amazons, who adopt the elvish alphabet due to their connection with the forests and animals. The language itself is a derivation of Sylvan. The language itself has few subtleties, relying on the innate psionic nature of the amazons to communicate shades o feeling and emotion rather than word choice or language.
Antillian: A common version of Ancient Antillian, this language is spoken in and around the city of Antil and is used as their trade language.
Avalonian: The language of the people of Valon, and the language of avalonian wizards, Avalonian uses the strange Aquan alphabet.
Demonic: This is the common tongue of the demonbrood and other denizens of the Demon Empires to the south. Though there are many other languages spoken there, this is the most common. Demonic uses the Demonic alphabet and is derived from the ancient language of the Markrabs who created and kept the demonbrood as a slave race in prehistory. Demonic is not to be confused with Abyssal, which is the actual language of demonic outsiders.
Dorin: Spoken by dorins and by the desert peoples, such as the desert elves and other humans, Dorin has become somewhat of a trade language of the desert. In its written form, however, it uses the ancient and alien Ignan alphabet, so it is most commonly only spoken, except by dorins.
Dunael: This language is a human-based version of elven spoken by the woodmen and rangers of Dearthwood. It uses the Elven alphabet, though it is infrequently written.
Ghinoran: Spoken by the peoples descended from the Ghinoran Successor States of ancient Kelnore, Ghinoran is unlike Common (which descends from Viridian, Tharbrian and Altanina). In fact, Ghinoran uses a unique and complex alphabet known as Glyphis, which, though hard to believe, is itself a simplified form of the incredibly complex Glyphic writing of ancient Kelnore. In Chim, the Ghinoran language was maintained by the dwarves but a modified version of the Dwarven alphabet was adopted.
Gishmesh: Spoken by both the Gishmesh and Paldorian tribes of Tarantis, Gishmesh uses the Common alphabet and has been adopted by traders from Karak as the language of the Wilderlands.
Karakhan: This highly structured and complex language uses a system of glyphs and figures said to be handed down by the god Kar himself. The written form of the language is nearly impossible for non-native speakers to learn.
Orichalan: This harsh language is based on the speech of dragons and it is said that dragons can understand it. Though the Orichalan Dragon Lords have all but been extinguished, those of Orichalan blood have maintained the language, though they normally speak it in secret. The language uses the Draconic alphabet.
Skandik: The language of the skandiks is a simple language that normally has very few shades of meaning, though they have dozens of words for “boat,” “water” and “axe,” each with a subtle distinction. They have adopted the Dwarven runic alphabet.
Tharbrian: Tharbrian, Altanian and Viridian merged to form the Common tongue. The Tharbrian language is the language of the nomad people and is a beautiful and musical language, despite the coarse nature of many of its speakers. Many ancient tales and bardic songs were composed in Tharbrian. Originally not a written language but a language with a strong oral tradition, Tharbrian uses the Common alphabet which they learned from the Viridians.
Tlalic: This strange language is a polyglot language based on the language of many races that have come to need a commonly understood magical language. It is not well suited to common conversation or trade, being more focused on precise descriptions of things arcane. The language is spoken almost exclusively in Tula and knowledge of it is a prerequisite to study in any of the schools there. Tlalic uses
the Draconic alphabet. It is believed to have been created by an ancient lizardman-lich who was an instructor in Tula in its early days (and may still be today).
Viridian: Spoken in and around Viridistan, Viridian (along with Tharbrian and Altanian) is the basis for the Common tongue. Viridian uses the Common alphabet and is in fact the basis of the Common alphabet. Viridian is spoken by many merchants as Viridistan has for so long been a center of commerce. Viridian is to Common much as German is to English. Viridian is the debased and common version of High Viridian.
High Viridian: High Viridian is spoken by nobles of Viridistan. High Viridian itself is a form of Ancient Viridian. Those who speak Viridian are presumed to be able to speak High Viridian and vice versa, though they cannot read it as High Viridian uses the Infernal alphabet as does Ancient Viridian.

In addition to the above spoken languages, there are a number of ancient or dead languages that exist primarily in written form.
Ancient Antillian: Spoken by the extinct people of Antil, this language uses the Elven alphabet. To learn this language, in addition to having access to a book containing the language, one must know how to read Antillian. Sources of Ancient Antillian are plentiful and this is perhaps the easiest ancient language to learn. Many spells related to animals and plants and animal summoning can be found in texts written in Ancient Antillian.
Ancient Draconic: Spoken and written by dragons. A source text is nearly impossible to find. The primary source would be to be tutored by an ancient dragon directly, which brings its own difficulties. Dragon Disciples often seek to learn this language. Many powerful and ancient spells are written in
Ancient Draconic. Reading Draconic is a prerequisite.
Ancient (“Auld”) Viridian: One of the few languages that is not dead, Ancient Viridian is spoken by the remaining Viridians (though there are only two) and by high priests of Armadad Bog during high rituals. Many religious tracts dedicated to Armadad Bog are in Ancient Viridian, so securing a number of books from which the language can be learned is less difficult than with other ancient languages— though such books are not for sale and priests of the god hunt any person stealing such works. Ancient Viridian uses the Infernal alphabet with a strange Aquan influence. To learn Ancient Viridian, a character must first be able to read Viridian, Infernal and Aquan.
Elder Tongue: The language of the ancient race said to have populated the Wilderlands. The alphabet of the Elder Tongue is Galactic, an alien alphabet not designed for human pronunciation. This language can only be learned if a character has a rank in Knowledge (eldritch arcana) and can read Draconic, Terran, Aquan, Ignan and Auran.Several ancient artifacts written in the Elder Tongue are reported to exist that hold the secrets of epic magic.
Kelnoran: This ancient language is highly complex and uses the near-indecipherable language of Glyphic on which the Ghinoran alphabet of Glyphis is based. To learn to read Kelnoran, one must first speak and read Ghinoran. One must also have access to a source text. This will prove the largest barrier as few surviving works are written in Kelnoran, though it is rumored that the library at Damkina has a collection of such tomes.
Logii: This language is the logical language of the ancient Philosophers based on pure reason. It is written in a precise and unique mathematical alphabet called Physik. Most tracts written in this language were destroyed in the War of the Pious and Philosophers. Learning to read Logii takes lots of work due to its cryptic nature and razor-sharp logic.
Markrab: This language is altogether alien, and often uses pictograms. The spoken language is written in Ancient Demonic, an alphabet from which the modern Demonic language is derived.


Region Bonus Language(s)
Elphand Lands Viridian, Ghinoran (Damkina), Elven, Sylvan, Giant
Valon Avalonian, Orichalan (Malikarr), Skandik, Common, Tharbrian, Aquan
Valley of the Ancients Gishmesh, Avalonian, Skandik, Common, Draconic
Viridistan Viridian, Common, Tharbrian, Elven, Aquan (Sae Laamer), Giant, Sylvan
City State Common, Tharbrian, Altanian, Skandik, Dunael (Dearthwood), Dwarven, Viridian, Antillian, Gnome (Lightelf), Amazon (Sea Rune), Aquan (Modron), Elven, Orichalan (Moonraker Moors, river settlements with Roglo River Folk), Goblin, Orc (Dearthwood)
Tarantis Gishmesh, Karakhan (Taranits), Common, Viridian (Tarantis)
Desert Lands Viridian, Dorin, Antillian, Common, Tharbrian
Altanis Altanian, Common, Antillian, Elven (Onhir), Tharbrian
Ebony Coast Ghinoran, Gishmesh, Skandik, Elven (Revelshire)
Lenap Ghinoran, Dorin, Common, Viridian
Isles of the Blest Ghinoran, Common (Rallu), Skandik, Orichalan (Oricha)
Isles of the Dawn Ghinoran, Skandik, Gishmesh, Karakhan
Sea of Five Winds Ghinoran, Amazon, Common, Viridian
Ghinor Ghinoran, Amazon, Dwarven
Silver Skein Isles Ghinoran (Rallu), Skandik, Gishmesh, Karakhan, Tlalic (Tula)
Ament Tundra Amazon, Ghinoran
Ghinor Highlands Ghinoran, Amazon, Dwarven
Southern Reaches Ghinoran, Dwarven
Karak Karakhan
Great Glacier Aquan, Avalonian
Demon Empires Demonic, Infernal, Abyssal
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