Wildcat Beauregard
Name Wildcat Beauregard
Player Lord_Bodacious
Campaign Roadside Trash
Appearance This rough and tumble cowboy trucker sports a sparkly blue crash helmet, aviator glasses and an unruly orange mustache.
Prestige 3
Strength strong enough to knock your lights out!
Dexterity two left feet
Intelligence dumb
Health tough as nails
Advantages, Disadvantages and Quirks
Skills Gunner +1, Driver, Brawler, Streetwise
Advantages Hard to Kill
Disadvantages Overconfident
Body Armor, Submachine Gun, Crash Helmet, Aviator Glasses
Primary Vehicle
Vigilante - Urban Cowboy Option. Pickup, x-hvy. chassis, super power plant, hvy. suspension, 6 solid tires, driver, 2 RRs (one F, one turreted)(14 ammo), SS & SD back. (no ammo) smartlink, Cargo capacity: 2,075 lbs., 11 spaces. Armor: F50, B50 35, R40, L40 30, T50, U45. Acceleration 5, HC 2; 7,800 lbs., $20,850.
Secondary Vehicle
$25,000 (paid out from ConTexCo in Memphis)

Planned Upgrades:

Sport Power Plant ( -100lbs, $6k).

Explosive Spikes – $50 and 5 lbs. each. Explosive-tipped spikes
look just like regular spikes, and are loaded in a regular spikedropper. A
loaded magazine costs $550 and weighs 65 lbs.

Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers – $400, 5 lbs. per tire, no space.
HD shocks must be mounted on all tires of a vehicle to be effective.

Rocket Boosters – $50 per 10 lbs., 1 DP and 1 space per 100
lbs., or fraction thereof.

Hi Res Targeting Computer – $4,000, no space or weight. It adds +2 to
all to-hit rolls for any single vehicular position (driver or gunner, but
not both).

Long-Distance Radio – $600, no weight or space.

Radar – $2,500, no weight or space.

Radar Detector – $300, no weight or space.

Radar Jammer – $3,000, no weight or space.

Sound System – 2 DP, $1,000, 100 lbs., 1 space.

Solar Panel – 1 DP, $1,000, 100 lbs., 2 spaces.

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