Wild Gnomes

Type: Wild
Race: Gnomes
Alignment L, N

63 % Strength 252 gnomes
42 % Mounted 168 sky-jellyfish

All Mounted? no 3" tribe move

Gnome move: 12", unarmored
Sky-jellyfish move: 3", heavily encumbered

The Wild Gnomes are a band of males and females, about equally mixed. This variety of gnome turns male as it gets older; the average age of the Wild Gnome female is in the hundred-and-teens, while the males are about 400 years on average, with their elders claiming to be millenarian.

The tribe moves through the mountains using seasonal camps, descending to the lowland valleys in winter and rising as the snowline retreats. They travel light on the ground, relying on their sky-jellyfish to carry their loads.

The Wild Gnomes are peaceful traders, whose main good is flammable gases and oils they distill from the bladders of their sky-jellyfish. It is common for a band of Wild Gnomes to be robbed, but their casualties are usually limited to those few insane gnomes who are relegated to ground duty. Even though their sky-jellyfish are heavily laden, the Wild Gnomes steer well clear of threats that could pursue them into the sky.

Wild Gnomes are most interested in bartering for magic items, which means they often have some for trade. The gnomes know nothing of magic, however, and usually value both the items and their lives too highly to risk actually using them.

Leader: Skull of Mirq
Type: Possessor
Origin: Bodiless lich
Must Defend: Magic jar

Mirq is a dread evil, a wizard who claims to have lived prior to the Great Devastation. His physical body was destroyed long ago, but he sustained his spirit by having his skull made into a magic jar before he died. His influence on the world is usually fell, and always enacted through living puppets and undead creations.

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