White Sandbox Session Summaries

Session #49: Vegegeddon!
When fire giants prove to be a tough nut to crack, the party regroups to investigate a crashed metallic cylinder outside of town. After a slow start of moldy rooms and long dead astronauts, the party scalps some displacer beasts and a lurker above, then finds themselves face to face with GREEN HELL!

Session #48: Dungeons AND Dragons
In the session that lives up to the game's name, the Grey Company almost plunges the Ghost Tower/spaceship into lava, gets kicked around by giants, and, oh yeah, takes down a red dragon.

Session #47: Dust of Khalil Azim: Dust of Dreams
Initial plans don't work out so well, so the party follows a lead, and seven warp gates, and tangles with javelin-happy goblins and scary trolls.

Session #46: Negotiation, interrupted
Ambushed by adventurers, again, and negotiations with the wraith-king

Session #45: Teenage Suicide, Powdered Inuit, and Slimes from Outer Space...OR Gimme Back My Bullets...err, Levels!
Jarri sets up I-Ness, the ghost tower-nightclub, as a tool to convert the young were-tigers, meets an eladrin, they journey to Hyperborea, find new friends, and fight space slime.

Session #44: Raid on the Ghost Colossus
Ashur Ram slain, Ontussa free of her curse, and the Ghost Colossus claimed by the Gray Company.

Session #43: One of These Days Bang Zoom Straight to the Moon!
Someone please write this summary!

Session #42: Slime, slime everywhere, but not a drop to drink
Robotic dwarves disconnected! Green slime flung! Stony death miraculously dodged! This one's got it all folks!

Session #41: Confusion & Amushes
Keys to the tower found, we defeat another party of adventurers, and an Umber Hulk almost makes us defeat each other.

Session #40: Dwarven Robot Plumbing
A visit to the town of the Rakshasa Sultanate and a nearby hole in the ground with sink trap and dwarven automatons

Session #39:Ashur Ram's Tower
A dungeon easy to find, but hard to penetrate…

Session #38:Jousting with River Lords
A hex crawl bumping against the petty lords of the river

Session #37:Psychic Monkey/White Dragon
A slave caravan freed; white dragon ambush.

Session #36: Raiding the Hill Giants
Three successful raids conducted in Hill Giant territory; a new Druidic ally found.

Session # 35: Where Hill Giants Dare
The Grey Company visits Pest's Landing and assaults the castle of the hill giants who oppress the town, killing their thane Naglskoltyr and his spy-mistress Hrymner.

Session # 34: The Orpheus Gambit
A journey through the Astral Plane brings our heroes to the demiplane of Smugglers' Run to rescue the soul of Maldoor, who has been reincarnated in the Buddha's Hand of Damlak's castle

Session # 33: Hell on Wheels
The Grey Company destroys two wandering balrogs rather than paying them off in the souls of 80 hirelings; considers hiring 80 soul-less flesh golem mercenaries; and probes Slumath's volcano defenses.

Book of War: Storming the Volcano
In between sessions #32 and #33, the Gynarch and Mareth the paladin ride forth to save the world, as the Grey Company has been neglecting to do so.

Session # 32: The Anubis Caper
Finally reaching the Pharoah's treasure, the Grey Company finds tons of gold: more than 80 humans can carry. So, naturally, they risk passing through the chamber of Anubis multiple times to haul it out…

Session #31: Barbarossa's Wild Ride
Revisiting the Pharoah's Tomb, the party negotiates with the Caged One, leaves Barbarossa and the Killing Frost in the company of Anubis, and cuts a new gateway to Limbo

Session #30: How the Pharoah's Diamond Became the King of Thracia's Underwear-Jewels
Arnold dies obtaining a trapped jewel in the Tomb, and Maldoor dies when Fingal Ungle-Narn's Legion of Never tries to steal the proceeds of its sale

Session #29: How the Eldest Vat-Girl Was Stolen from Zorlac's Library
The Grey Company follows the gateway from the Tomb to Limbo in search of the cloned remains of the Verdant Paladin

Session #28: How Sixty Orcs Were Recruited to Raid the Pharoah's Tomb, and Their Fate
Two parties join forces to explore the Tomb, taking many casualties in the process

Session #27: The Mummy High Priest and His Finger of Death
Intrigues between Deaconess Caja, Captain Rakotis, and the frost giants are uncovered and the Pharoah's Tomb is breached

Session #26: That's No Bear, That's The Mother of My Child
F'chelrak's Tomb is explored with the assistance of Ulrich's werebears, one of whom becomes pregnant

Session #25: The Others Die of the Coin
The fate of Tizun Thane is learned and the Ninth Menegril's young clone is rescued from a vat

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