White Sandbox PbP

I'd like to take another stab at playing by post in the White Sandbox. Let's try doing some Blackmoor-style empire building and battalion-level hexcrawling.

Here's how it'll work -

- Roll two d6. If the first die is even, you're a civilized tribe; if it's odd, you're a wild tribe. The second d6 tells you your tribe's race using this table.

- Roll ten d10, and add 'em up. That's your tribe's % strength. Multiply it by your race's size multiplier to figure out how many adults are in your tribe.

- Roll ten d10, and add 'em up. That's the percentage of your tribe that has a mount. Multiply it by your race's size multiplier to figure out how many creatures your tribe has available for riding. Some races are traditionally associated with certain mount species, like Men and Women with horses, Goblins with wolves, and Nixies with giant fish, but you're always free to make up your own, like the

- If your % mounted is greater than your % strength, your tribe's maximum travel speed is determined by your mount's base speed and encumbrance. You should also decide how encumbered you want your tribe adults to be, either because they're wearing armor or are carrying lots of gear or treasure.

- Imagine and describe your tribe however you like, and decide what region you want to be from. You can situate your tribe into the existing locales and storyline, or start out on the planet Arduin with all the technos and doxies you like.

- Roll 1d6 to determine the leader of your tribe and why you start play relying on the tribe members to tell you things. You can make up your own, or interpret and describe the table result as you like.

- Start a Wiki page detailing your tribe! White Sandbox tribes we've seen so far are:
The Lotuskeepers and their giant geckos
The Honey Elves and their giant bees

The Wild Gnomes and their sky-jellyfish

Thracian followers of the Dark One (across the wilderness to the west of the Lost City), and their giant bats
Their rivals the Spider-Worshippers (across the wilderness to the west of the Lost City), and their giant spiders
The barbarians of the mountains near Hruhrudingfallor, the Lawful Skyfeather tribe that signed on with Potiphar Twice-Shy and the Chaotic Matriarchs who signed on with Lady Celiana.

Las Bellezas del Río and their giant fish

- Post in the forum and I'll give you a map location, a description of the local situation, and a couple of rumors.

- The PbP campaign moves at real time. As much time passes for your tribe as it takes for us to post about it.

I'll start some pages to facilitate the campaign; we can use the forum for questions, discussion, etc.

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