White Sandbox Npcs

Rival Adventurers

Philomena's Adventuring Party

Company of the Crossed Swords

Looters of F'chelrak's Tomb

Elwood's Adventuring Party


Barragin's Barrelmen, Dwarven Mercenaries

Ulrich's Werebears

Religious Leaders

Deaconess Kaja, Church of the Killing Frost, chaotic

Patriarch Zekon, Stronghold of the First Principles, lawful

Citadel of Fire Residents

Nrathax the Black

Captain Rakotis

Apprentice Brak-Amat

Giants & Their Associates

Frost Giants, leader unknown

King Snurre, a fire giant

Lára Lilja, a human berserker

"Yoda" of the Dogballs, a goblin of the Underthrone

Nameless City

the Ninth Menegril

Cahaya Bambang

Tizun Thane / Thraaaak

Patariki Van


Lilianth of the Night Below

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