White Sandbox Magic-User

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Magic-User Fundamentals

Armor/Shield Permitted: None
Weapons Permitted: Dagger, staff, darts
Prime Attribute (5% xp bonus) Intelligence 13+

Magic-User Class Abilities

All clerics share the following abilities.
Spell Casting: A magic-user owns a book of spells, which does not necessarily include all of the spells on the standard lists. Reading from the book, the magic user presses his chosen spell formulae into his mind, “preparing” these spells. Once a prepared spell is cast, it disappears from the magic-user’s ability to cast (until it is prepared again). It is possible to prepare a spell multiple times using the available “slots” in the magic-user’s memory/capability. If the magic user finds scrolls of spells while adventuring, he can copy them into his spell book.
Wizard’s Tower (11th): At 11th level, a magic-user gains the title of “wizard,” and can build a stronghold for himself to house his libraries and laboratories. He will attract a mixed bag of mercenaries, strange servants (some with odd abilities and deformities), and even a few monsters, perhaps. This motley crew will swear fealty to him and serve him with whatever loyalty he can inspire in them.

Magic-User Special Abilities

All magic-users may choose one of the following special abilities, or work with the referee to create a similar ability. Human magic-users may choose two such abilities.

- Fingerbone Wand. The magic-user turns his or her finger into a magic wand. This finger becomes permanently dead, and the magic-user permanently loses one point of Constitution. The magic-user may or may not choose to leave the finger attached to their hand during the creation of the fingerbone wand. When armed with this fingerbone wand, a magic-user can attack in melee as if using a dagger, or hurl a bolt of mystic energy in missile combat as if throwing a javelin. One point of constitution is temporarily lost whenever an attack with the fingerbone wand rolls a natural 1. The magic-user regains temporary Con loss at the rate of one point every eight hours. If their fingerbone wand is destroyed, the magic-user may craft another one, again losing one point of Con.

- Mental Scroll. The magic-user creates a memory palace big enough to contain an impossibly long scroll. One autistic part of the magic-user's mind is always scribing rudimentary spells onto this imaginary scroll. , Creating the mental scroll takes 1d6 days, after which the magic-user permanently loses one point of Intelligence. By reading a spell off the visualized scroll, the magic-user may evoke a blast of baleful energy within a range of 50 feet. The magic-user may focus the blast on a single foe, who must save vs. spells or suffer 2d4 damage, or evoke the blast in a 10 foot radius, in which case 1-2 points of damage are dealt to all within who fail their save vs. spells. A potential victim of this blast who rolls a natural 20 on their save vs. spells has successfully disbelieved the essential illusion powering this spell. The magic-user temporarily loses one point of Intelligence whenever this happens, as it becomes difficult to maintain the necessary state of self-deception. The magic-user regains temporary Int loss at the rate of one point every eight hours.

- Familiar. The magic-user summons, creates, or binds an uncanny animal, magical beast, extra-planar servitor, or homonculous to serve his or her desires. The specific nature of the familiar will be determined by the player and the referee, but in general they are capable of rudimentary communication and simple tasks such as scouting, carrying messages, and picking up key rings when the magic-user is behind bars. Familiars are always fragile and inept combatants who must be coaxed into danger with promises of reward; keeping a familiar happy can be quite costly. The familiar also feeds on the magic-user's blood or life energy, causing a magic-user with a familiar to take a -1d4 penalty on each dice roll for maximum hit points. Should the familiar be killed, the magic-user suffers 1d4 points of damage and must spend a similar number of days working to gain a new familiar.

Magic-User Advancement Table

Level Title Experience Points Required Dice for Accumulative Hits Fighting Capability Spell Preparation Capability
1 Medium 0 1 Man None
2 Seer 2,500 1 + 1 Man +1 1 - - - - - -
3 Conjurer 5,000 2 2 Men 2 - - - - - -
4 Theurgist 10,000 2 + 1 2 Men +1 2/1 - - - - -
5 Thaumaturgist 20,000 3 3 Men 2/2/1/1 - - -
6 Magician 35,000 5 Hero -1 2/2/2/1/1 - -
7 Enchanter 50,000 6 Hero 2/2/2/2/2 - -
8 Warlock 75,000 7 Hero +1 2/2/2/2/2 - -
9 Sorcerer 100,000 7 + 1 Superhero -1 3/3/3/2/2 - -
10 Necromancer 200,000 7 + 2 Superhero -1 3/3/3/3/3 - -
11 Wizard 300,000 7 + 2 Superhero -1 3/3/3/3/3 - -
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