White Sandbox Fighting Man

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Fighting Man Fundamentals

Armor/Shield Permitted: Any
Weapons Permitted: Any
Prime Attribute (5% xp bonus) Strength 13+

Fighting Man Class Abilities

Establish Stronghold (9th): At ninth level, a fighting-man may establish a stronghold and attract a body of loyal men-at-arms who will swear fealty to him. Most likely, the protection of a castle will attract villagers, and the fighting-man will become a feudal lord or even a baron.

Multiple Attacks: Against creatures with less than one full hit die, a fighting-man makes one attack per level each round.

Fighting Man special abilites

All fighting men choose one of the following, or work with the referee to create a similar special ability.

- Terrifying Foe. The fighting man can force a morale check upon surprising an enemy, killing an enemy, or performing an especially impressive deed.

- Melee Expert. The fighting man takes half the normal penalty to hit when using a cautious defense, reckless assault, or targeted attack.

Fighting style Benefit Penalty for others Penalty for fighting man
Cautious defense Foe attacked takes -2 penalty to hit you -2 on roll to hit -1 on roll to hit
Reckless assault You gain +2 on roll to hit Enemy has +2 to hit you Enemy has +1 to hit you
Targeted attack Roll twice for damage -6 on roll to hit -3 on roll to hit

- Missile Skirmisher. Each round, when equipped with a missile weapon the fighting man can either move and engage in missile fire, or fire twice per round (taking two shots with a sling or bow, firing and reloading a light crossbow, or fully loading or firing a heavy crossbow).

Fighting Man Advancement Table

Level Title Experience Points Required Dice for Accumulative Hits Fighting Capability
1 Veteran 0 1 + 1 Man +1
2 Warrior 2,000 2 2 Men +1
3 Swordsman 4,000 3 3 Men
4 Hero 8,000 4 Hero (4 Men)
5 Swashbuckler 16,000 5 + 1 Hero +1 or 5 Men
6 Myrmidon 32,000 6 Hero +1 or 6 Men
7 Champion 64,000 7 + 1 Superhero -1 (7 Men)
8 Superhero 120,000 8 + 2 Superhero (8 Men)
9 Lord 240,000 9 + 3 Superhero +1 (9 Men)
9 Lord, 10th Level ? 10 + 1 Superhero +1 (9 Men)
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