Wealth In Pendragon

This page is to help James remember how money works in the King Arthur Pendragon game.

At minimum

Money in Pendragon does everything money normally does in these sorts of games. You acquire money, either from adventuring or some other source, and you can then spend it on stuff. Accounts gotta balance, and so on.

For knights, lands (manors) are a major source of income. You can also try to hold knights or noblemen for ransom, marry a rich woman, win prizes at tournaments, receive gifts for noble service/adventuring, and so on.

There are a couple major things to spend money on: castles, heavy armor, manorhouse improvements, horses (a French destrier costs half as much as a small stone castle!), and finery for court.

Glory of Money

You get Glory for making money, and for spending money.

Money from land ownership gets you 1 Glory per Librum earned, up to a maximum of 100 Glory. (Apparently you don't earn Glory from money earned through adventuring.)

You also earn Glory for "conspicuous consumption". For every Librum frittered away, you earn 1 Glory, up to 100 Glory. After 100, every 10 Librum spent gets you 1 Glory. So if you spent 120 Librum, it would earn you 102 Glory.

You also get 10 Glory for spending 10 Librum on your annual upkeep to live like a rich knight, or 15 Glory for spending 15 Librum to live as a superlatively wealthy knight. (Presumably this is an example or special case of the conspicuous consumption rule above.)

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