WB New Spells

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Many spells have been found that have not yet been defined.

First Level

Kharoelyn's Aphrodisiac Aura or the Love Ritual
Range: 4" (20 feet) radius of caster
Duration: 1 hour
When cast a mage can add +3 CHA in general, and +8 CHA specifically where members of the opposite gender are concerned. This effect will only "reach" those people within a 20' radius of the mage, the effect lasting one hour. However if the spell is focused on only a single individual, the mage can try for a concentrated effect on them. The target must save versus magic, or he/she will feel love and desire toward the mage. This emotion is extremely strong, and "real" to the person thus affected, and will cause him/her to do all manner of love-sick idiocies in the name of desire. This spell requires one week of time, and 15 GP in materials to learn. The use of this spell is considered highly illegal in most civilized areas.

Range: caster
Duration: 1 round per caster level

By means of this spell, the wizard causes his material form to “blink directly from one point to another at a random time and in a random direction. This means that melee attacks against the wizard automatically miss if initiative indicates they fall after he has blinked.
The wizard disappears and instantaneously reappears 2” (10 feet) distant from his previous position.
Direction is determined by roll of 1d8:
1 = right ahead
2 = right
3 = right behind
4 = behind
5 = left behind
6 = left
7 = left ahead
8 = ahead
The caster cannot blink into a solid object; if such is indicated, reroll the direction. Movable objects of size and mass comparable to the caster are shoved aside when the caster blinks in.

Maldoor’s expedient extinguisher
Level: 1
Range: 1”/level
Duration: Instant

By casting this spell the magic-user causes one humanoid-sized to be completely doused with water, extinguishing all flame afflicting the target. The recipient is provided no protection from future flame-related mishaps (other than being soaked with water). Note that any exposed materials vulnerable to water, such as silk clothing, maps and scrolls, etc. will have to make a saving throw or be ruined. The effects of casting the spell on a fire-related creature (such as salamanders, efreet, or fire elementals) are unknown.

Pugnacious Pugilist

This spell bestows the abilities of a champion bare-knuckle fighter for exactly six rounds. Those affected float like a butterfly and have armor class four, attack with the sting of a 4th level fighting man, and refuse to use any weapon other than fists. Armor interferes with the dodging and weaving required by the spell: those wearing plate should be treated as armor class eight, chain mail as seven, and leather as five. Those affected will not retreat, and are prone to start a fight for any reason, or no reason at all. An unwilling subject of the spell gets a save.

Tobias's Simian Valet

This spell summons a random ape or monkey to serve as a butler for the caster for a limited time. The Simian Valet will attempt to satisfy the instructions of the caster to the best of its ability, but may refuse instructions that could result in its own harm. There is a 1 in 6 chance that the valet will be imbued with some type of psychic power that is not fully under its control.

Zolobachai's Impertinent Invitation

The caster is able to stroll among any critters and they will think the caster belongs among them. This gives a +2 to any encounter roll during the duration. There is a chance that any boss, maitre'd, officious vizier or party-planner will show up at the worst possible time, at which point the spell ends and everyone in sight is unfriendly or hostile. This spell does not grant language-use.

Second Level

Excruciating Cauterization (Arcane)
Level 2
Range: 120ft
Duration:1 turn

Any damage to the subject heals instant upon its infliction, with the exception of one point of damage per wounding. Unfortunately the self-cauterization process is so painful the subject has a 75% chance after each instant healing to become utterly incapable of action for 1d2 rounds as he writhes in pain.

Force of Forbidment (Arcane)
Level 2
Range: 120ft

Duration: 3d6 turns or until concentration lapses
The caster can block one subject of less than 6HD from being able to advance past a certain point, being blocked by a wall of magical force. A saving throw applies, but at – 2. The caster must maintain concentration hereafter in order to continue blocking the creature. Missiles will penetrate the magical
orce, and can do so in either direction. However, magical arrows are disenchanted if they pass through the barrier.

Maldoor’s Sundering of Deathly Obligation
Range: 24”

This spell affects up to 15 HD of creatures in a 2” radius area, breaking the magical bond between inanimate creatures and their controller. Unthinking creatures such as constructs, homunculi, skeletons, and zombies may cease to function (1), go berserk and randomly attack whatever is nearest at +1 (2-3), wander off in a random direction (4-5), or do something weird and unexpected (6) (act as a soul vacuum; become spontaneously sentient and self-motivated; accept new instructions from the first person to hand them a copper, etc.). Conscious abominations such as specters and vampires will no longer be under control of their creator, but are otherwise unaffected. Note that ghouls, wights, and wraiths are not created by spell or controlled by their makers, and are thus immune to this spell unless controlled by other means (hold monster, a magical item of undead control, etc.) Elementals, summoned creatures such as invisible stalkers, demons, devils, and other living creatures are unaffected.

Nystul's Blazing Beam
Range: 6” (30 feet) + 2” (l0 feet) per level of the caster
Duration: Instant

This spell draws a parcel of energy from the positive material plane to the caster’s hand, which can be fired in a ray 1’ wide and up to 30’ + l0’ level of the caster in range. Except for undead, a creature struck by the beam is entitled to a saving throw. A creature that successfully saves is struck by a glancing shot and is only dazed for ld4 rounds, suffering a - 2 penalty on hit rolls and a +2 penalty to armor class. A creature that fails is struck full in the face by the beam and is blinded for 2d4 rounds, suffering a -4 penalty on hit rolls and a +4 penalty to AC. An undead creature struck by the beam is not entitled to a save, and is not dazed or blinded, but suffers 4d6 points of damage.

Strangulations (Arcane)
Level 2
Range: 120ft
Duration: Until someone falls unconscious
The caster can strangle a foe at a distance, with a 10% chance per round, cumulative, of reducing the subject to unconsciousness that lasts for 2d6 turns. However, the caster becomes short of breath and has a 5% cumulative chance per round of collapsing into unconsciousness (also for 2d6 turns). Once started, the spell cannot be stopped by the caster (a dispel magic could be cast by someone else, of course).

Tarnu’s Collaring Coiffure (Arcane)
Level 2
Range: 60ft
Duration: 2d4 rounds
The victim’s hair, if it is long enough, animates and begins to strangle him. There is no saving throw, and the victim will die within 2d4 rounds unless the hair is cut. Cutting the hair short ends the danger.

Third Level

The 1,000 Witcheries of Spectre Slaying
A spell that can only be cast 1,000 times. Each time it is used, the caster must invent a new doom to visit upon enemies. Uses so far have included: flaying the skin from enemies.

Tonal Attack
Level: 3
This spell allows the caster to sow discord to all who hear and understand his voice. The caster begins speaking, and all those who can understand must make a saving throw or come to believe their companions are secret enemies about to betray them. Chances of a fight breaking out increase by 25% per round, unless no creature makes a save, in which case the paranoia is universal, and the group disbands in all directions. The spell lasts as long as the Magic-User can continue speaking. Range is as far as the magic-user’s voice can be heard.

Invisible Stalker
Like the more powerful level 6 spell, Invisible Stalker conjures an extra-dimensional monster which can be controlled by the Magic-User who summoned it. This lesser monster is suited only for the task of spying. The caster designates one creature, and the stalker will spy on the target for up to two days, then return to the caster to report on what it saw and heard. The invisible stalker is a twisted creature obsessed with corruption and venality. If sent to stalk a good or virtuous creature it will become bored and quickly return with a perfunctory report. If, however, its target engages in violent or lewd acts, it will watch as long as possible, and give a disgusting, vivid, overly-detailed account of all that it saw. In no event will the stalker attack – if attacked it instantly returns to the caster or the non-dimension from whence it came.

Maldoor’s Ritual of Rejuvenation
This spell reverses the effects of magical or monster-based aging, such as the touch of a ghost, a curse, the side effects of casting a powerful spell, or the touch of an inimical magical weapon. To cast the spell, the caster manufactures a book and a pot of ink, and casts the spell to imbue them with power. The afflicted being then writes the story of all they wanted to accomplish in the years they have lost, then erases the words from end to beginning. As the words vanish, the years return. Each book costs a minimum of 100gp; the ink likewise requires 100gp in materials. Each five year period of life restored requires a separate volume; writing the story in sufficient detail takes at least an hour per year, and another hour to carefully erase once the story has been completed. Allowing for rest, only one volume can be completed in a day. Illiterate beings may draw pictures instead of words with no change in the working of the spell, but the being must be of intelligence enough to grasp what they have lost. The spell will only undo unnatural aging, but may be reversed, in which case the writing details what the victim lost in the years they gained, and erases the tale from beginning to end. The effects of casting the spell for a time-traveler are untested.

Nystul's Crystal Dirk
Range: Melee
Duration: 3 rounds plus 1 per level of caster

This spell summons into the caster’s hand a dagger composed of material from the quasi-elemental plane of mineral, strongly infused with energy drawn from the Positive Material Plane The dirk is faintly magical, granting a + 1 bonus on attack rolls. The dirk does 1d4 + 2 points of damage when it hits. Against undead and monsters from the lower outer planes, the dirk does ld4 + 3 points of damage on a successful hit. If the crystal dirk scores maximum damage, the monster will be paralyzed until the end of the next round following the hit. The material component is a tiny dagger made from lead crystal worth 350 g.p.

Nystul’s Magic Aura / Golden Revelation two names for the same spell
Range: 6” (30 foot) wide cone, 12” (60 feet) long
Duration: 5 rounds per level

With this spell, the mage can reveal hidden, concealed, or invisible creatures within the conical area. The concealed creature will be surrounded with an aura of golden light, shining out in a 1-foot diameter about the creature, making it easily seen. The mage can make a full 360 degree sweep-search of the area in one round. The spell might reveal a thief hiding in shadows, a barbarian concealed in natural terrain, or a creature hiding behind an obstacle. The spell creates a glow around an invisible, out-of-phase, ethereal, duo-dimensional, or astral being in the area of effect, as well as a creature using a cloak of elvenkind, robe of blending, or ring of chameleon power. A saving throw against being affected by the golden revelation is not permitted, although successful magic resistance protects a creature from being outlined by the spell. The material component is a box wrapped with waxed parchment, containing a glowworm.

Omar’s Mistake
Range: 12” (60 feet)
Duration: 1d6 days

The subject’s eyes glow, and glass rattles when he is within 4” (20 feet) Dogs flee from him, cats are attracted into his presence. Members of the opposite sex have a 1% chance to be affected as if by a charm person spell, and members of the same sex have a 1% chance to attack him for no reason. The spell’s subject finds the color blue objectionable, and he may steal shiny items.

Tobias's 10,000 Coin Porter of Extreme Usefulness
Duration 2d6+6 hours

Casting this spell forms up to 10,000 coins into a rough humanoid shape that is under the caster's control, and is able to perform simple actions. A full 10k coin golem weighs 1,000 lb. and is about the side of a stout dwarf. When the spell is dismissed, the golem reforms itself into neat stacks of coins.

Word of IOUN
Range: Caster
Duration: 6 turns (1 hour)
Three stones rise into the air and circle the caster. One (blue) grants +1 to saving throws, one (green) grants +1 to AC, and the third (black) will absorb the first spell directed at the caster (after which it disappears). The stones can be dispelled or attacked directly: each is AC 1, and has 10 hit points.

Deadly Magma Beams
Range: 2"
This spell allows the caster to shoot beams of molten magma at his enemies. He generates 1 beam for each of his levels. Each beam does 1d6 points damage, and does not allow the target to save for half damage; instead they must save versus being set on fire. each round they fail to make their save, they take additional fire damage. the fire goes out on its own after 2 rounds, if they have not managed to save.

Fourth Level

Magic Mirror
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round/level

By means of this spell, the wizard changes a normal mirror into a scrying device similar to a crystal ball. The mirror used must be of finely wrought and highly polished silver of a minimum cost not less than 1,OOO gp. This mirror is not harmed by casting the spell, but the other material components-the eye of a hawk, an eagle, or even a roc, and nitric acid, copper, and zinc-are used up. The following spells can be cast through a magic mirror: comprihend languuges, read magic, tongues, and infra-vision. The following spells have a 5 % chance per level of the caster of operating correctly: detect magic, detect good or evil, and message.

Rary’s Mnemnonic Spell Enhancer
Range: Caster
Duration: 1 round

This one-word spell will focus and increase the effectiveness of a spell cast by the mage.
The spell enhancer is cast first, followed immediately by the spell to be enhanced, during the same round. The enhanced spell will strike with greater power, resulting in a -2 penalty to all saving throws made against the spell.

Seven Gates
Range: 35 miles
Duration: 4d6 turns

Seven pre-prepared gates (some marker must be placed at the gate’s intended location) at a distance of up to five miles from each other are activated, allowing people to move between them. The first gate appears in front of the caster. After entering a gate, roll d8 to determine the exit point; a roll of 8 means the traveler has been temporarily caught between dimensions and can’t get out for 1d6 turns. At that point, he gets a saving throw each
additional turn to emerge successfully at a random gate – if the spell hasn’t ended by that time, of course.

Fifth Level

Most Horrible Absorption
Range: 60ft
Duration: 2d6 turns

A slime-figure rises from the ground, and attacks one target at the caster’s command – it will attempt to slay that one target and then absorb the body into itself. After killing its intended victim it returns to the primordial slime. The slime-creature has 6HD, AC 4, 1 strike (2d6), Move 9". If the spell is cast in a swamp, the slime-creature has 9HD, and strikes for 3d6.

Seventh Level

Range: 120ft
Duration: Immediate

If the target of this spell fails a saving throw, his head explodes in a gout of flame, releasing a salamander – salamander is not controlled by caster, but is angry at everyone in the area. It cannot return home until it is killed, and it will try and provoke its own death. The spell’s victim is dead, of course, since his head exploded.

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