W49: Vegegeddon!

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All White Sandbox Summaries

Session 49



EN Lightenment –Carl
Jarri – Eric
Pheen O'Barbitol – David
Thorsten Skullsplitter – Joe
Isinglor The White Dragon – Chris P.
Garrett Nailo – Keith
Lydio the Spider Dwarf - Lisa

Notable NPCs

Bjorn and Brunhilda, Jarri's polar bears
One-Eyed Esa, Jarri's captain
Teemu and Kuri, Jarri's lieutenants

Note: All of Jarri's posse, with the exception of Bjorn, had their @$$es royally handed to them in this session. In fact, Esa is now doomed to forever wander the Land of Shades in perpetual gloom.

Fallen Companions

One-Eyed Esa
Nameless redshirt dwarven crossbowman

Enemies Defeated

Purple Worm
2 Displacer Beasts
Lurker Above
At least 45 vegepygmies
At least 15 Thorn Hounds

Treasure Liberated

Nuttin', honey

Exp From Combat
3400 each


After hiring a young white dragon and recruiting Jarri’s Captain, One-Eyed Esa, and Lieutenants Teemu and Kuri, the party decided to intercept the purple worm carrying the shipment of fire giants. Joining EN Lightenment and Jarri was a forgettable little gnome by the name of Pheen O'Barbitol (or the equivalent of that in common). This writer would assume he's an illusionist but honestly can't remember much about the lil' guy. They took available tunnels to the location of the worm, which was circling a buried edifice, creating a trough deeper and deeper around the structure. The party planned an ambush of the worm, but the worm sensed some vibrations and moved to attack the dwarven crossbowmen. The dragon’s frost breath, combined with the missile fire of the dwarves, and EN’s Killing Frost took out the worm. The lead box was exposed in the flesh of the dead worm, but by that time, a fire giant sounded an alarm.

The party began firing at the giant, as the Killing Frost made its way to the giant. The boulders took out a crossbowman and injured Jarri, but the Frost closed on the giant, and they exchanged blows. The giant retreated into the building while EN healed Jarri. Two other giants soon emerged, and the party met them again. Both sides were damaged but neither suffered fatalities. Desiring to keep it that way, both retired to fight another day.

Upon returning to the surface, the party found that a giant metallic disk has crashed near the outskirts of town. After healing for the day, they set out to penetrate its mystery. Thorsten and Garrett returned from their lengthy hiatus, and the reformed party had to bribe the guards in front to gain entrance.

Inside, a curious maze of ceramic-looking doors and polished corridors lay before the party. An open cylinder lay in the middle of an intersection. This cylinder seemed to operate as a shaft which could open and close, possibly to other levels, but the party left this alone for now. Attempts to open the doors by manipulating the panels beside the door proved fruitless, so the party resorted to bashing them down. The first two rooms contained a number of shiny clothes, perhaps armor of some kind.

Setting up the infantrymen and crossbow men around the cylinder, the party noticed a curious batch of refuse on the floor where the west corridor met the intersection. Poking it with a spear revealed nothing, but the bear didn’t like the smell of it. One the dwarves saw movement in the cylinder; some kind of sinister, tentacled pumas were skulking about! These dark felines were tough, but the party took them down, and skinned their shifting skins. The Killing Frost was sent to examine the refuse in the west corridor more closely, only to have the ceiling collapse upon it!

As it turned out, some flying/floating manta ray-like creature had camouflaged itself as part of the ceiling, and was now attempting to consume the Frost. The rest of the party began attacking this monstrosity, and eventually succeeding in ending its abominable existence. Samples of its curious flesh were taken, and the party decided to explore further.

Room after room was explored, some containing bodies long since dead, many containing mold and growth caused from a long span of inactivity. Bedrooms, offices, athletic halls, all showing no sign of life. Some rooms had been ransacked, these apparently some time ago.
Hallways twisted, and hallways turned, and room by room, the party examined this curious scene. Some were beginning to get restless. Upon opening one particular door, the party found plants within. The plants began to move, and vegetable-based humanoids and bestial hounds comprised of thorns and such attacked! Jarri used his Pale Dwarf gift of Freezing Hands to flash freeze the room cold. The party could not rest for long, as five doors sprang open to reveal more vegepygmies and thorn hounds pouring into the corridor. The dragon’s breath, the Freezing hands and the party’s skill brought down the plant-things, but the numbers were taking their toll. Every round, the party had to deal with more thorny bites, and it was adding up fast.

Lydio the Spider-Dwarf caught up with the party, only to see yet more plant beasts coming to pincer the party from another hallway. The dragon set up to blast them, and froze most of them. Plenty of vegepygmies and thorn dogs fell, but the survivors just kept coming, seemingly incapable of fleeing, perhaps due to their unwholesome plant-animal dichotomous nature. The captain fell. A lieutenant fell. Lydio used a lightning bolt to great effect, felling over 30 vegepygmies alone with this spell! The dragon was dealt grievous injuries by the hounds, and collapsed. The armored women hired by the dragon to carry his voice, a one-armed, two-fingered old man, flung the man at a hound and fled for safety. The party used sleep and paralyzation to clean up the remaining vegeterrors, as others peeking around corners saw the carnage of piles upon piles of dead vegetation cut down like so much grass.

The dragon, the captain, and the two lieutenants all lay dead. The party brought them out of the giant vessel, and EN in the following days began his attempts to bring them back from the other side. All but the captain were saved, in varying degrees of success. Captain Esa, sadly, was lost to wander in eternal gloom. There was some discussion as to whether to rejuvenate a dragon who would bite off the hands and feet of its slaves, but ultimately, the party decided to restore the dragon as well. The dragon paid EN back his fee, who returned to Jarri his half of the initial hiring cost.

Lydio began researching magic potions and created a potion of Excruciating Medicine (or something like that). Jarri was able to use his Pale Kinship to successfully speak to the dragon to agree to possible business arrangements in the future.

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