W48: Dungeons AND Dragons

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All White Sandbox Summaries

Session #48



Ookla the Mok (David)
Chrystos the Assassin (Chris)
EN Lightenment (Carl)
Lydio the Spider Dwarf (Lisa)
Jarri the Pale (Eric G.)

Enemies Defeated

3 Giants
3 Goblins
1 Gorgon
1 Red Dragon

Treasure Liberated

23,000 gp in coin
6,000 gp jeweled scabbard
3400 gp crystal casket
1400 gp Bloodstone Idol
11,000 gp 11 piece gold service
2000 gp - 4 x 500gp gems
2300 gp - 23 x 100gp gems
500 gp - 50 x 10gp gems
300 gp Silver mirror
400 gp Ivory case
2000 gp Jeweled necklace
2000 gp - two jeweled weapons @ 1000 gp each
5100 gp - 7 Ivory statues @ 1300 gp each

Also, the following is treasure obtained without a current gold piece value:

Magic gem of Summon Fire Elemental
4 Potions of Fire Resistance
Plate Mail +4

Scroll with the following spells
1) Telekinesis
2) Protection from Evil (Sustained)
3) Anti-Magic Shell
4) Mass Morph
5) Detect Invisible
6) Remove Curse
7) Transmute Rock to Mud

….and, choice red dragon parts

Exp From Combat
4400 = 550 each (8 participants)

Exp from Treasure
75,400 gp = 13,116 gp each (6 shares)


The Grey Company heard a few new developments, which will be detailed after I get some sleep. They decided to find a purple worm with a lead compartment contained inside of it which was headed to the Company's location. They used the spaceship to head into subterranean tunnels carved by fire giants; this didn't work out too well, as the ship ping-ponged all over the place, got wedged into rock, and nearly toppled into lava. Faring even worse was Gus Battledrinker, Chrystos' purple worm. The Company decided to drag, err, tow him along. The extreme heat of the lava, combined with the rough trip, proved to be too much for the big guy.

The ship wound up sliding down a rock staircase, and the party decided to check around. The ship would need a day to complete its self-repair functions, so the party looked about. Ookla spoke with some giant talking bats who were very arrogant, though we soon forgot about the bats when a frost giant, a stone giant, and a cloud giant walked into a bar. No, wait, they walked down the stairwell and we started fighting them. Chrystos was brought down to death's door, and Ookla was kicked through that door and beyond, as left a messy, brain-splattered streak on the stairwell wall. EN healed Chrystos, while Ookla passed to the Great Beyond, only to have his ring of regeneration bring him back. He wasn't quite the same, however, and he may need some time to fully recover. With Lydio's lightning bolt leading the way, the party was able to chop down the giants.

Finding the bodies without their bags, the party looked to find the lair. Chrystos and Lydio became invisible, and with the help of Chrystos' dog, scouted out caves and passages which hinted at possible hell hounds in the distance, something scary down one corridor, and something icky down another. Chrystos headed back, while Lydio continued investigating. Fleeing from a close encounter with a grey ooze, Lydio found a cavern with what appeared to be a sleeping red dragon guarding treasure.

The party assembled to the site, planning on just how to best kill the dragon, when it was discovered that this was an illusion. The dragon was actually a gorgon, and Chrystos' climb to reach it caused the beast to awake. Its bellows brought out goblin guards, one of which received instructions from beyond a boulder in the back of the cavern. After falling back and letting most of the goblins go back away, the party saw the gorgon remained with three goblin guards. The gorgon and two goblins fell to assassination and paralysis, and the last goblin quickly dispatched. Ookla's ESP, combined with his helmet against ESP, detected an ancient, reptilian mind speaking with the goblin guard.

Emboldened by the slaying of the gorgon, the party decided to go after the dragon. Jarri and Ookla would move the boulder enough for EN's Killing Frost to enter, and also to allow Lydio's illusion of a dozen basilisks to be within eyesight of the dragon. The mind of the dragon soon could not be read, and Chrystos went into the cave to investigate. He felt an invisible, motionless dragon. It thought it was turned to stone! He went to assassinate it and failed. The dragon awoke. Uh oh.

Fortunately, the party was able to act before the dragon, Lydio's wand of paralysis froze him cold, and the party finished it off. The hard part was figuring out how to take all the plunder from the cave and get the dirty trolls who tried messing with the spaceship out of the way. Ookla snuck in and had the ship get all bright and shiny, which drove the trolls away.

The party had the invisible members ferry in loot until it was filled to capacity. The rest soon entered, distributed the weight of the treasure evenly, and made it back to the Sultanate without incident.


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