W47: Dust of Khalil Azim: Dust of Dreams

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Session #47



Jarri the Pale (Eric G.)
Neisseria the Medusa (Scott)
Chrystos the Assassin (Chris)
Azimuth (Javi)

Enemies Defeated

19 Goblins
5 Wolves
1 Spectre
1 3rd level deadbeat

Treasure Liberated

8k in jewels

Exp From Combat

Exp from Treasure


Resolving issues from last session, the Company found themselves outside of Anubis' stronghold, plotting a heist. As the situation was explained, however, the situation became less and less ideal. We were not assured of replacement treasures since so little time had elapsed since the loot had been stolen, and perhaps the god turned the gold to copper. Previous company members faded into the background as new members appeared in full focus.

Chrystos volunteered for the mission to loot Anubis' temple. He took the dust of Khalil Azim, and faded into the world of shadow. Holding his breath, he found himself on another plane, and a Ki-rin asked him his intentions. When Chrystos replied, he materialized without yet sinking into the temple. After much discussion, Chrystos decided to try again. This time the Ki-rin made plain that he was bound by Anubis to protect the temple from assault from this plane, but claims that his enslavement was voluntary to serve as karmic watchdogs for the Grey Company. The Ki-rin offered a lead on a chaotic treasure trove to entice Chrystos for leaving this target. When Chrystos demurred, he learned that the Ki-rin planned to kill him if he proceeded. Thus, Chrystos breathed and again found himself materialized before the company, amidst much cursing. The Ki-rin's offer was not discovered until Chrystos invoked the extra-dimensional K-Dubz (spelling?) to serve as a relay for communication. We received a lead that many thousands of miles away, the island of the Dark Abbot of Kos would soon surface, and that would be the time to strike. The party debated how best to get there, but Jarri noted that he didn't like the idea of flying through green slime again with the tower/spaceship.

Jarri caroused a party for the Rakshasha royalty; Koyl Wrenum, vizier to the sultan, was discovered to be apparently sympathetic to the Dwarven cause. The vizier's wife believes that dwarves are the "in" thing these days and had Jarri invited to a function held for the vizier. Unfortunately, Jarri was tossed out of the party he helped cater when he came up short of funds, and had to borrow from a countryman who required that he accompany Jarri at the ball. The friend embarrassed himself to such an extent, that they were both tossed out of the party.

Neisseria had a lead on a ring/cloak of invisibility from a previous carouse, and a name: Moatak. Moatak, apprentice to Yramag. Neisseria attempted to gain information on the location on Moatak, who she learned was no longer in Denethix, but likely had run off. Looking for leads, the Marshall of Denethix, Marcus Tyro, offered information that Moatak was wanted for charming sentient beings against their will, and should answer for charges. Marcus also made plain that the Grey Company only is free from this harassment because of the protection of the weretiger clans.

Chrystos was hired by Neisseria to hunt down and murder Moatak, but there were no leads. Looking up police informants about Moatak's possible locations, Chrystos found someone who claimed to know of an empty lair used by Moatak, but first he asked for a small gambling debt to be paid. The small debt turned out to be a large debt, and Chrystos repaid the liar by taking his hands, and his life. The empty lair held a 7 door rune gate which the party had to use if they wished to pursue Moatak.

The gates led through many landscapes, including a tube apparently running through outerspace, and a green slime dispenser. The middle room housed a spectre, which the party ran away from, but not before stealing 2 levels from Chrystos when he fumbled a backstab. The party tried escaping, and found themselves back again in the same room. This time, Chrystos wanted revenge, so the party stayed to fight. Sara, the bee was killed, and his dog figurine risked its life to buy time. This time, Chrystos put the spectre to final rest. Upon examination, the room was found to be a mirror room, things were… backwards. Attempting to leave through the gate we came through allowed the party to make forward progress to the 7th gate, and find ourselves before the tower of Yramag. A hole not far from our exit point was chosen instead of the alerted tower.

The hole was a goblin lair, and many goblins were killed before getting to a room set with a statue of Maatu, an ancient god of war. Trolls emerged from the door and nearly killed Jarri, though Azimuth covered them in green slime. The offering beneath the statue had the 8k in jewels, a statue on the floor of a man with a spear in his back had apparently been petrified, but not by Neisseria. We followed the trolls and tried to lure them out, but they would not leave the room with an old man with bandaged eyes scraping the slime from them. We suspected that it may be this man's gaze attack which petrifies.

Reaching the magic adventure time limit, the party snuck out, but not before eating many a goblin spear.

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