W46: Negotiation, interrupted

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Session #46



Jarri the Pale (Eric G.)
John Fighter (Adrian)
Ploosk the Hobbit (Christine)
Daruman the Magic-User (Anthony)
Lucky the Archer (Eric)
Ookla the Mok (Dave)
Xeno (Thaddeus)
Neisseria the Medusa (Scott)

Enemies Defeated

Mysterious undead wizard

(his two drow companions teleported away under thier own power and were not really defeated so much as retreated to fight another day)

Treasure Liberated

4 vials of defiled, un-holy water
Unholy symbol- tentacles in an warped shape
Pack of standard gear: tinder box, torches, 6 flasks oil, etc.
Wand of Negation
Ring of Regeneration
Pouch containing 2 handfulls of the dust of Khalil-Azim (1 handfull allows user to walk through the world of shadow as long as they can hold thier breath)
Staff of the Magi

Exp From Combat

Exp from Treasure


In brief:

or some days the ghost colossus above the city had been pouring forth addresses from the wraith-king Agamnemnar. He had been directing praise and offers at the Grey Company. He explains that he was formerly held captive by Ashur Ram, and was set free by the Grey Company when they slew Ram. He is now in possession of the ghost colossus and all the treasure within, but due to our recent actions is well-disposed towards the Grey Company and asks to be our preferred vendor of magical services.

We identify an emissary of Agamnemnar – a human woman of dubious appearance styled Urampat – and invite her to the flying tower so as to conduct business in a more discreet manner. She seems to be held by a Geas to the Wraith King, and is terrified of him.

As she arrives, Ookla notices a small invisible wizard eye entering the flying tower, and goes in pursuit. Xeno overhears the thoughts of someone in the crowd outside using the wizard eye and tries to determine who it is.

Quickly, members of the Grey Company converge on what appears to be a long-unwashed peasant.

A brief but eventful combat ensues, featuring the illusion of a squad of drow archers, John Fighter's 'sleeper hold' involved grappling with the peasant and interrupting his attempt to teleport away, Jarri's bear breaking the illusion of the archers, andN eisseria the Medusa uncowling herself in the midst of a crowd of onlookers – turning a dozen or so to stone. At least two of the beggar's companions teleported away to safety. The group only ever glimpsed one, a female drow.

On death, the beggar reverted to his true form: a dead skeletal wizard, some form of lich or necromancer. His loot included a fairly standard adventurer's pack, implements of some evil religion or ritual, and four very potent magic items: a Wand of Negation, a Ring of Regeneration, a Staff of the Magi, and 2 doses of the dust of Khalil-Azim.

Negotiations resumed with Urampat, who revealed the unsavory nature of the services the Wraith-king wishes to provide: the siphoning away or return of expertise, using trained wraiths. He can also read from a Book of Vile Darkness and bestow the resulting “benefits” on someone else. Other disturbing services were discussed and hinted at, but the party made no binding agreements. (Except Nerissa, who bargained to siphon away her knowledge and facility with magic in order to imbue herself with the capabilities of a priest of the blind goddess).

Of note is his possession of or access to a network of 98 captive sphinxes. Ontussa was the 99th sphinx of that group before being freed by the Grey Company.

[At the end of the session Xeno had laid claim to the Staff of the Magi, Jarri and John Fighter both sought possession of the ring, and the wand and dust were to become parts of a scheme to rob the Pharoh's tomb…]

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