W45: Teenage Suicide, Powdered Inuit, and Slimes from Outer Space...OR Gimme Back My Bullets...err, Levels!

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Session #45



Eric G (Jarri the Pale)
Karume (Eladrin - unsure of name)

Notable NPCs

Bjorn and Brunhilda, Jarri's polar bears
Snow Nymph, companion of Karume's Eladrin

Enemies Defeated

Zanzi, newly-contracted Grey Company assassin
a couple dozen various-"staged" Awful Green Things From Outer Space

…and also, if under "Fights Averted"

Polar Bear Queen
Rowdy Inuit tribe

Treasure Liberated

None by combat or stealth, however income WAS liberated from the allowances of young were-tigers in the form of entrance fees and drink costs within I-Ness, the flying discotech.

First two weeks, Jarri alone: 1000 gp loss (Week 1: -3000, Week 2: 2000)
Next two weeks, Jarri and eladrin: 3300 gp each

Combat exp: ?

Levels Restored

Jarri, who levelled from 5th to 6th early in the session, was restored back to 7th level through the miraculous touch of the eladrin.


Things got started with cloud and thunder engulfing the ghost colossus, and a loud voice demanding to speak with the Grey Company. It turns out it was the Wraith King, who said he was Agmenar II (sp?), who carried in his hand a Book of Vile/Evil Darkness. He said that Ashur Ram had sacrificed much magical items for the wisdom and knowledge contained in the book. In his other hand, he was wielding Thirster, which he said belonged to Agmemnar IV. An adventurer had broken into the tomb where Anubis dwelt, managed to sneak out with it alive, only to be hunted down by the wraiths and have it recovered. Aggie offered Jarri a reading from his book, or Ag could translate it to Jarri. He didn't describe clearly what would be the result, other than offer knowledge about what one most desired, as an example. He also offered to help fill the gap of vitality in Jarri's body which was caused by the wraiths by offering to fill it with another spirit. These spirits could be with personalities intact or somewhat stripped. Jarri selected a stripped Pale Dwarf spirit with which to restore his kinetic aura.

Agmemnar added that in the Colossus, all of the magic items are on the ground floor, on display. These are the items which Ashur Ram offered the Grey Company in exchange for leaving his premises. He also added that in the ghost colossus, there is a "heart of darkness," a sanctum in which Ashur Ram arguably dwelt and performed his murkiest deeds.

Jarri was also contacted by the two lammasu who had dealt with the Grey Company in the past, reminding him of the Company's promise to liberate the two million souls in Smuggler's Run. They also offered to disseminate wisdom of the clerical and paladin kind for vows to be taken. When pressed on the lammasu's request that the ship be used to travel astrally to Smuggler's Run, Jarri offered to first help liberate the 20,000 people controlled by the collection of giants operating out of Mt. Rugnerheim. The lammasu reminded him of their astral collection of gold which would be offered in reward, as well as agreeing to purchase the ship for fair market value once the liberation of the Smuggler's Run captives is complete. They want the ship to go to Hell to liberate the 5 billion souls residing there. The lammasus offered 1,000 gp in copper for every slave rescued.

The 99 remaining sphinxes are also available to provide information to the Grey Company, Ag told Jarri. For the price of 1000 gp per question, intelligence and reconnaissance will be provided.

Jarri decided to continue using the ship as a nightclub for the teenage weretigers, deciding to win the younger generation over to a pro-dwarf perspective, showing them that dwarf eating is a despicable, out-dated practice. A bard was hired to promote the ship-as-club and set up and find staff for it. The venture was profitable after a slow start the first week. The second week, a thrill-seeking teenager plummeted into the lava pits on the fire level, gaining Club I-Ness a certain notoriety, but also the ire of the teen's noble house. I-Ness held the funeral, as well, as it remembered the teen the whole week, with Jarri never leaving the casket. Shortly after, however, Jarri caught a would-be assassin trying to sneak a salamander into the lava. A brief chase and having the ship's computer close the doors caused the assassin, Zanzi by name, to yield. Though Zanzi said his professional code of conduct prohibited him from releasing details about his employers, he offered his services to Jarri since he had been bested. At this point, the eladrin appeared and wanted further explanation from Zanzi. After introductions were made, it was agreed to retain Zanzi for an assignment to be named later, and to release the salamander into the lava after all, as it would appear to his employers that the job went off without a hitch. Apparently the salamander was to be released to see if the bodies of the teenagers could be found in the lava after all.

After four weeks of running a successful operation, Jarri and the eladrin decided to head to Hyperborea. Snaedis Sturmsdottr had been working to rehabilitate Bjorn the polar bear from his being flash frozen. He was to be on a diet of his native, natural food sources, raw seal, fresh whale blubber, and powdered Inuit. There was a misunderstanding with one of the northern tribes, who misunderstood Bjorn's eating habits to be an exercise in man-eating, when all he was doing was in fact eating already dead corpses. Or they thought he was using the bodies to practice combat maneuvers against. Jarri tried to explain this away, but the tribe was having none of it. The eladrin's soothing essence shed light on the situation, and tension was resolved. Jarri noticed a tribe of polar bears nearby, and attempted to win Bjorn a mate with his Pale Dwarf skill of kinship with those of the pale aspect. His first choice, the alpha female of the pack, was not interested. After intervention by the eladrin and feeding Bjorn a potion of strength, several others females became interested in the bear, and a wonderful relationship was born. Brunhilda had joined Bjorn as the polar power couple! The eladrin saw a face appear in the snow, saying that Jarri was attempting to "take our bears." The eladrin engaged this voice further, and it revealed itself as a snow nymph! Her name was Iiiinniiiiniiiinniiiiinniii, or something like that. She hit it off with the eladrin, and the two got along famously. The eladrin's attempt to find a snow nymph for Jarri didn't work out as well, so the group decided to leave the land of the ice and the snow and head back to the Rakshasa Sultanate.

While the ship successfully navigated past the slime layer without incident going TO Hyperborea, something happened coming back. The ship found itself infested with slimes working themselves up to the party. A variety of offensive attacks were attempted, some working well, some not-so-much, and to the snow nymph's chagrin, some, like cold-based attacks, actually made these slimes grow! The party used the ship's computer to convince the salamander to help by aiding the party clear the fire level of slimes, and thereafter ferried stunned slimes to the lava to encase them in a hardened shell. After a few tense rounds when it looked as though the growing number of slimes and wounds dealt to the party seemed to reach a dangerous level, the eladrin and Jarri turned it around with key discoveries. Using the beer at the bar, they found the alcohol caused the slime to shrink, while the poison from the rose bushes outright killed the slime. Once these techniques were applied, the menace was quickly dispatched.

Once back at the company's base, the eladrin attempted to restore Jarri's lost levels, summoning the forces of light which she was able to harness. Incredibly, the eladrin performed exactly that, a miraculous restoration of vital essence back to Jarri, who was again in perfect accord with his body and soul. A celebratory party aboard I-Ness was held!

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