Session 43: One of These Days Bang Zoom Straight to the Moon!

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Session 43



Jarri the Pale (Eric G.)
23 (Adrian)
Ookla the Mok (David)
Chrystos Salamander-Slayer (Chris)
E. N. Lightenment (Carl)
Tobais the Awkward (Jed)
Azimuth (Javi)
Adom First-Born (Scott)
??? (Anthony)

NPCs of note

The Computer

Enemies Defeated

1 Medusa
1 Fire giant
1 Anndrosphinx
1 Pink floaty guy
Some Manta-Ray Disco guys

Treasure Liberated


XP from combat ?


The Story

The party decided to take the plunge and explore the central tower to the south of Denethix, (having spent a previous session obtaining all four of the strange metal keys.) The party was joined by a magic-user with the ability to create doppelgangers played by Anthony. Inserting the fourth key, the metal door slid open revealing a circular room with no exits. 5 couches built into the metal floor were the rooms only contents, other then a light display that seemed to be counting up toward something.
When the light finished the doors closed again, and the lights began counting up again, and the party was not able to find an exit or any way to reopen the doors. Some party members wisely hopped onto the couches, since moments later a huge crushing weight hit everyone, and the whole room rocked.

Once the weight was lifted, and everything went back to normal, the party still found that the door would not open, but there was a circular shaft that opened upwards through the ceiling, and seemed to go up quite a ways. Ookla sent to new raven familiar up the shaft, which saw a large room filled with mist for a few seconds, before something killed it. Eventually by tossing the half-fairy hobbit up the shaft succeeded into tying a rope to the bottom of the rungs that ran up the shaft. (Jarri hoisted his polar bear up the shaft, but Finly the Manticore was left behind) Ookla and crystos climbed up invisibly, and began scouting the misty room. the rest of the party began climbing up and out of the shaft, when an androsphinx made its presence known. Attempts to parlay went nowhere- it seemed to be devoted to protecting the room and its air ducts. Azimuth attempted to use the green slime to attack it, but unfortunately it ended up hitting Anthony's M-U instead. 23 cast cure disease on the green slime effectively neutralizing it. E.N. Lightenment was attacked. Tobais cast Invisibility 10' Radius on the party, they proceeded to search the room along the wall, found a spiral staircase and they proceeded up it.

The next level was a formal garden with paths and shrubs. Crystos dashed headlong down its paths, followed closely by the rest of the party still within the invisibility sphere. Eventually a hooded gardener was found singing to herself, with her back unwisely toward Crystos. So he killed her by reaching down her throat, pulling out her tongue and strangling her with it, and then she was revealed to be a Medusa. Crystos found a key on her person, which he pocketed. After poking around a little bit more, Crystos was pricked by a rose thorn, and for a moment thought he had died from poison, then thought he had only fallen into a deep sleep, then realized he was an elf and was 90% resistant to the thorns' sleep-inducing effects. 23 stored several of the roses in a chest cavity in case their thorns were useful. Jarri poked around a bit more and found a chest hidden behind the roses. Crystos used the key he found (playing it off as his amazing lock-picking skills) opened the chest which held gems and coins, and magic items concealed in a false bottom.

The party then proceeded up the stairs to the next level, which was filled with magma, and there were narrow walkways crossing the area. At the other end, there was a Fire Giant standing next to a pile of boulders. but since the party was still invisible, they were able to approach him undetected. Crystos set up an epic backstab, that involved him flipping up onto the giant's shoulders, and stabbing down through his head, before turning invisible again, (otherwise known as the picard maneuver) but the giant's helmet was too strong to penetrate. The rest of the party began beating up on the giant, and becoming visible. The giant then pulled a red hot giant sword from the brazier, and swung, but only hit the doppleganger. A new character (name?) showed up to join the party, and was immediately killed(?) but the giant. After another round off fighting, the giant was finally finished off by a phantasmal force spell of the androsphinx attacking. The giant's chest held more loot and the new character was pulled from death's clutches by a Cure Light Wounds spell.

From this chamber, the party found an area of inverted gravity that would carry them up through the ceiling, and into the next chamber above, which appeared to be an upside down tropical island. But concern that the manticore might be needed, (and the realization that the Androspinx on the mist level should also have some good loot) the party decided to go back and take care of the sphinx. So the party used the antigravity to travel through the shaft, and spend the night on the island. Tobais cast Polymorph Other on the Hobbit, and then after a nights rest, cast it again on another new character (name?) who just showed up (brother to the slain character) turning both of them into Androsphinxes. The party then went back to the mist chamber, and there was a pretty epic fight between three androsphinxes, that happened up in the mists somewhere. After the spinx was killed, some more loot was found. Also the Manticore was brought up.

Going back to the island, it was found to have 5 couches, just like the first room. some tinkering, found that the room was the control room for the ship, and the computer was able to bring up some key info, such as the ship was in geosynchranis orbit, and that there is a domed room above (below) the island that was the nose of the ship. Also the tropical island was an illusion and the room could be changed to a variety of styles including discotheque. The water is real, however, and there was some kind of monsters there.

Having the computer part the water allowed the party to enter the domed room, where a great alchemy machine at the center combined the 4 elements, and created thrust for the ship, or something. in this room there was a pink phantasmal floating creature that seemed to be mad. Parlay didn't work, nor did some types of attacks. the creatures began opening valves, and spraying parts of the room with magma, until the creature was successfully dispatched by the androsphinxes.

Going back, the party then got into a fight with the aquatic manta-ray people, while the room was rest to discotheque mode. metal doors were raised, but easily overcome, and the party made short work of the disco mantas. After that the party requested the ship return back to its starting point, and the party went home the proude owners of a silver flying tower ship. (the computer also mentioned that it had a number of preset locations it can travel to.)

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