W43 Carousing

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Carousing Rules Summary

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Location of the Carouse

The party is holed up inside the Ghost Tower, which is believed to be under their control and in Denethix.

This means we are using Denethix's 1d12 x 200 gp spending limit. Your carousals might involve traveling out of Denethix, but getting there and back will be part of the spend and the things that can go wrong.

Many jewels have been brought back from the Ghost Tower and have yet to be sold.

This means that characters who don't have ready spending cash can anti-carouse and try to generate wealth by selling some of the party's assets.

Ookla the Mok

I am somewhat confused by the above. Are we only allowed to carouse in Denethix or are we able to move about freely? Assuming that we are able to move about freely Ookla would like to return to Belltower to try to once again get a flight to and from the Pharoh's Tomb where he will try to retrieve his Bag of Holding. He had previously managed to contact some sort of eagle riders/couriers/bus drivers, but had failed to procure a ride.

Yes, Ookla contacted a representative of the Tarnsmen whose clan Celerion belonged to before his unfortunate death. The elders have not yet decided whether the level of dragon activity in the White Sandbox area justifies a resuption of chariot service.

(For success I roll an unmodified 6 and assume no bonuses. For spend, I rolled a 3 on a d6, which is what I believe Belltower uses.)

Spend: Let's say that a 3 on a d6 translates into 3 x 2 x 200 gp, so that Ookla lightens the Ghost Tower's load by about two tons of the fire giant's haul of copper and silver and earns 1,200 xp for doing so.

Success: You find two potential ways to reach the Pharoah's Tomb. One is via subterranean eelboat: a company in Denethix proposes to seal you inside a bladder of liquid air and drop you down a chute to a cave-river, where you and any number of your companions (at a price of 200 gp each, bringing whatever they can carry) will be swallowed by giant eels and carried to an underground dock connected to a tomb within a mile of the Pharoah's within 24 hours or so. Your eel will wait for you for another 600 gp per day. ESP indicates that the company employees have traveled this way themselves and feel it is as safe as any wilderness travel can be, although they won't offer the Grey Company any insurance since it is known that trouble follows them around.

The other way is a potion-seller in Denethix's reeking industrial district who, for 1500 gp, will offer you matched potions of flight and anti-flight, which would let you travel to the Pharoah's Tomb within six hours and then exactly retrace your flight path upon drinking the other potion.

Another tomb you say? One not protected by Anubis by any chance? Tempting, however the words "seal you inside" and the image he sees in one of the reps' minds cause Ookla to vomit violently all over the company's representatives. He stumbles off, thanking them and dropping a trail of 30gp on the ground as he goes, muttering "for the mess" or something.

Following that, the opportunity to fly through the open air seems a bargain at 1500 gp.

Xeno the Paradoxical

Xeno has been researching a first level spell for several weeks and has so far spent 2,000 gp towards the effort. He returns again to the Academy of Elevated Thought hoping to discover the trick of vanishing away inorganic materials to his own temporary dimensional space.

(For success I roll an unmodified 6, plus whatever my INT bonus is for an M-U with 13. For spend, I rolled a 7, for a 1,400 gp expenditure)

The spell reaches its first threshhold at 2,000 gp and fails its 20% chance of success. You are now spending an additional 1,400 gp worth of various kinds of rare inorganics you are making vanish but failing to recover. Xeno is now working toward the 40% chance of success when 4,000 gp have been invested. Choose one:

  • You overcome a false start: 700 gp counts toward the research of this spell.
  • You back out of a blind alley, with no research but 700 gp intact.
  • You get distracted, and spend 1,400 gp toward the research of an entirely new & different spell.
  • You learn from failure, and gain a +1 bonus to all future rolls to research this spell.

Tobias the Awkward

Tobias has concluded that any wizard worth his salt has a tower. So as a result he will spend coin in the Alienage of Denethix looking to see if he can hire a mason to oversee the construction of such a tower. This is going to be a long term project, but divinations Tobias has undertaken tells him that the domain rules for the current age are solidifying, so he might as well get started with the ground work. His goal is to find a solid Dwarven mason who can travel to a hex of Tobias's choosing and scout for an ideal building site.

And Tobias rolled a '7' for success. And for the spend, he got rolled an '11', and so ended up spending 2,200gp buttering up those taciturn dwarves.

Success: Tobias finds two potential dwarven masons. Master Orel is the senior of the two. His reputation and experience are great, but he does not travel. Master Orel claims to know all building sites within a thousand leagues; closer examination reveals that by this he means all sites which can be reached by a subterranean passageway, either a low highway or an underground river. He considers that this access is an essential feature of a worthy building site, and will not lend his skills to any construction site that does not connect to the routes below. Amelie is less skilled but also more flexible, and she is willing to acknowledge that some wizards might prefer to build on a site that is not linked to any known tunnelway.

Spend: 500 gp of Tobias's expenditure goes to advertising and arranging introductions with these masons; the rest is available to pay the salary for whichever mason you choose in advance.

Excellent- Tobias will defer to Master Orel's wisdom, and offer him the commission. Tobias is well aware that his magical experiments occasionally go awry, and as such, it would be prudent to have an escape route from angry peasants and/or militia. Also an underground rivier is a handy way to dispose of his failures…

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