W42 Carousing

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Carousing Rules Summary

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Ookla the Mok

If Ookla managed in his last carousal to actually arrive at the Caves of the Unconquered Dark, he would like to take the opportunity to visit Ontussa as well. If he is able to make the visit then he would ask her the following questions:

1. How does the man to whom I sold the human corpses gain power from eating these corpses?
2. Would I be able to do the same?
3. If so, what, if anything, would I risk by doing so?
4. Who was it that the party saw passing overhead on a magic carpet during the attempted ambush?
5. Where does he reside?

For my carousal I would like to travel overland on foot to Belltower where I would let it be known that I am seeking a ride, via air travel to an undisclosed location (the Pharoh's tomb) and to return. I would have the rider fly me out to a location within a half day's travel of the tomb, I would proceed on foot to the tomb, enter and retrieve my Bag of Holding and return to the location where I was dropped off.

(For success I roll an unmodified 4 and assume no bonuses. For spend, I rolled a 5 on a d8, which is what I believe Belltower uses.)

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