W41 Confusion & Ambushes

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Session 41



Lotur (Chris)
Jari the Pale (Eric)
23 (Adrian)
Ookla the Mok (Dave)
Xeno (Thaddeus)
Tobias the Awkward (Jed)
Skitterly (Jason)
Himling (John)

Enemies Defeated

Manticore (charmed by Tobias)
Umber Hulk
Gisum, a Myrmidon (charmed by Xeno)
Murl, a swashbuckler (taken captive by 23)
Deshack, a swordsman
Pembe, a Bishop
Jamal, a Theurgist
Gok-Burke, an adept

Treasure Liberated

3 metal bars (2 used in the tower of Glaroon, 1 kept)
ivory case containing scroll rope trick (Skitterly)
Potion of water breathing (Ookla)
Potion of flying (Ookla)
Suit of chainmail +1 (Jari)
4000 pp
11811 gp
4,424 in gems
scroll: infravision, dispell magic, invisibility 10' r (Skitterly)
mace of disruption +1 (23, Robot Cleric)
chausible of protection (sold for 20,000)
gauntlets of ogre power (Jari)
ring of regeneration (Xeno)
skullcap of prerecognition (Tobias)
arrow +1
4 arrows of freezing
arrow of exploding
Sword +3, dancing. Neutral, speaks 5 languages, 10 Int, Detects magic, evil, sloping passages.

exp from combat 4010
Each character gains 6,279 gp upon division of treasure

The party returned to the ruins surrounding the tower of Glaroon and returned to the room with the checkered floor. Plans were made on how to analyse the puzzle of the room and several goats were sacrificed before Lotur became disenchanted with the rate of progress and used his ring of running to bypass the floor and carry a rope across the floor. The rest of the party clambered across on a rope and so we never discovered the secret of the trap. With some delay a second metal bar was found concealed within a secret compartment in the chest of the statue overlooking the trap, and that second bar was added to a second mysterious metal door.

317 the bugbear was questioned about the former nature and layout of the tunnels under the tower, and revealed that all four towers twisted around and eventually all led to the same central room, presumably a chamber giving access to the tower above. The company entered the NW stairs, descending into a third section of passages. Upon exploration, these rooms were found to be riddled with passageways intruding into the worked-stone passages. While exploring these passages the party was surprised by a terrible beast whose gaze instantly threw half the party into a terrible confusion. While 23 managed to read a scroll of creeping doom and sealed the creature's fate, the rest of the party was thrown into turmoil, some fleeing while others stood dazed or attacked each other. Several minutes of furious combat passed and several of the party's hirelings were slain by each other and by the venemous insects of the creeping doom.

Eventually confusion passed and the third key was found in a chest, along with thousands of gold and platinum pieces. The party quickly placed this key into the third mysterious metal door and proceeded to the fourth underground passage.

The fourth tunnel system led directly to a large room containing a manticore. The party quickly decided to charm the monster and lured it from hiding to do so. A search of the room revealed a fourth metal bar - the fourth key to the door - and a magical suit of chain mail.

Realizing that the door would open to the main tower, the group decided to return to town with the treasure gained so far and rest before moving into the main tower.

Taking usual precautions, the group realized they were spied upon by an invisible hobbit. Xeno quickly charmed the hobbit and quickly discovered that the party was being stalked by another group of adventurers, who were lurking above in ambush. We decided to surprise them in return. Ookla and Skitterly became invisible and snuck up the stairs. Skitterly cast sleep to no avail, while Ookla crept close to the leader of the party, a cleric of Lady Wave.

317 the bugbear charged up the stairs and was chopped in half by the two warriors waiting at the top; 23 managed to cast hold person on one of them while Jari and Himling attacked. Tobias mounted his newly charmed manticore and flew up to direct the manticore's fire.

Several chaotic minutes passed and the combat was over, decisively settled in favor the Grey Company. Xeno emerged from the tower and observed an invisible figure above observing on a magic carpet. Xeno cast lighting bolt and struck the mysterious figure, who flew away in great haste.

The party returned to town with the spoils and the last metal bar - key, we think, to the underground entrance to Glaroon's tower. And possibly entrance to the domain of Ashur Ram.

Levels gained


(and, due to agricultural sinecure)
Sir Argus the Rat Knight
Thorsten Skullsplitter
Myrtle the Priest

Carousing Notes
Ookla spent no gold, having none, but gained a familiar: a raven.
Tobias spent 2,300 gold in research at the Academy of Elevated Thought, mostly in conversation and fees with Tommyknocker, the dwarf historian.
Jari met a shady character named Jarmand and spent 400gp and gave samples of blood, hair, a nail and a tooth in hopes of finding a cure for his potion-induced colorlessness. Alas, Jarmand disappeared, leaving no cure behind.
Xeno spent 1,400 towards research of a spell.

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