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Carousing Rules Summary

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Xeno the Paradoxical

Xeno would like to continue researching the spell he is working on and returns to the previously identified Academy of Elevated Thought. Without heed to cost he spends freely on scribes, exotic experimental materials, learned consultations, prayers to the gods of magic and insight, hoping to discover the trick of vanishing away inorganic materials to his own temporary dimensional space.

(For success I roll an unmodified 7, plus whatever my INT bonus is for an M-U with 13. For spend, I rolled a 6, for a 1,200 gp expenditure)

Xeno earns 1,200 xp. His time at the Academy of Elevated Thought is undisturbed by further frosty offers of service from invisible entities, but his research does run into a problem. Choose one:

  • You overcome a false start: half your spend counts toward the research of this spell.
  • You back out of a blind alley, with no research but half of your spend intact.
  • You get distracted, and your full spending goes toward the research of an entirely new & different spell.
  • You learn from failure, and gain a +1 bonus to all future rolls to research this spell.

Distracted by thoughts of the recent adventure and worry over the mysterious magic-user who escaped on the flying carpet, Xeno makes an elementary mistake in his first set of experiments. A nervous medium (hired as an assistant) finally points out the error halfway through the trial; Xeno pays him a bonus for his honesty and salvages half the research.
This gets Xeno to a total 2,000 gp spend on this spell.

Tobias the Awkward

Tobias will spend his carousing flying around the marsh, and exploring what is there, and map anything he sees that looks interesting or notable. With the help of a summoned ape riding co-pilot, and Finley the Manticore, Tobias is going to spend the week creating gate markers for the 4th level spell Seven Gates, per the map below:

How noticeable / destructible are the gate markers, Tavis? He would like to place on in the town the near Ashen Ram somewhere along the Street of the Alien, (like in a back alley). Same goes for Belltower. He would also like to return to the hatch and take the elevator down the shaft, swim through the sink trap, and down to the lower platform, and place the seventh marker there in the little alcove off of the shaft just outside the door. He then return to the surface. (All of this is assuming the shaft is as deserted as before. He will flee at the first hint of robots—- Dwarven or otherwise.)

Tobias can choose to make the markers less noticeable or more permanent. Regardless of the choice you make, the one you place in the lower platform is noticed and removed - as you are moving back up the shaft, you see pink hands emerge from the wall, turn the gate marker sideways, and pull it through the wall out of sight. You also notice that the spikes, ropework, etc. that was put in place by the Grey Company as a safety precaution during their last visit has been removed.


Jarri's carouse involves deciding to embrace his new pale self and use it as a kind of calling card. He will start saying it's a sign. The OD&D book notes that dwarves sometimes domesticate bears. What Jarri wants to do is to put out a search for a massive polar bear to train. He will then ride it into battle and bring it with him wherever he goes. He will seek the assistance of Snaedis Sturmsdottr to help him with this; at 4th level, she can communicate and mildly influence polar animals.

Jarri's efforts to find a bear are wildly successful; surprisingly little time passes before an offer is made. Paying the broker's fee of 800 gp (earning you as many XP), you get to examine the polar bear in question : a fully mature female, nearly eight feat when standing upright. She is yours for 6,000 gp. (It is a 6 HD bear).

Snaedis spends equally lavishly. She racks up a bill of 1,000 gp on accomodations and feed in addition to broker's fees while she spends time with the bear, and earns as many XP. At the end, she feels that she will be able to teach Jarri rudimentary communication with the bear and that she is suitable for training, but she is unable to plumb the bear's innermost nature. (The bear will use standard morale and loyalty rules).

Sans Sobriquet

Sans continues to search for information on the location of magical armor or protection. So far he has poured forth 4,000 gp, attracted projected spam-mail from Ashur Ram, and found some non-useful information. Still, he continues his quest, hoping that former efforts and free spending may attract more success this time.
(Sans rolls an unmodified 5, modified by his 15 CON score. Disaster! (I think). In course of his fruitless quest he spends 400 gp).

Ookla the Mok

Ookla will attempt to return to the Caverns of Conquered Dark in order to visit the temple of Thanatos. He will move overland invisibly/silently and move through the Lost City to the Temple. Once there, provided he is not prevented from getting there, he will attempt to commune with Thanatos, praying to him thusly: "Oh great Thanatos, Master of Death, I come to beg your guidance. You know that I am wholly your servant and your instrument on this plane. Twice you have had me fully in your grasp and twice you have allowed me to continue my path among the living. I come before you now to seek your instruction, to know what small role in your greater design I might play to best serve you."
(Ookla rolls an unmodified 7. The only ability I think might aid in modifying this would be my Wisdom of 15. I didn't know how the Caverns of Conquered Dark counted when it came to how much I might be spending, so I rolled all three: d6:1, d8:8, d12:12!)

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