w39: Ashur Ram's Tower

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Session 39


The Players

Jari (Eric)
23, Robot Cleric (Adrian)
Xeno (Thaddeus)
Azimuth (Javi)
Ploosk the Hobbit Magic-User (Christine)
Humphrey the Thief-Dabbler (Misha)

Enemies Defeated

7 Bugbears
1 Bugbear, charmed by Xeno (monickered BG 317)

Treasure Liberated

200 pounds of silver pieces
1 Lapis Lazuli @ 10 gp
2 moonstones @ 50 gp
1 sapphire @ 1,500 gp

XP from combat: 4,960

The party formed in the swamps west of Belltower, six adventurers in search of Ashur Ram’s dwelling. The rough area was easy to discover, since it is highlighted by the presence of a ghostly image of a giant statue floating 1000’ above the swamp.

As the adventurers approached the projection they discovered a town with several large landmarks in the swamp underneath. The head and shoulders of an actual giant statue rise from the swamp. Presumably the rest of the statue extends far beneath the ground underneath the swamp. The upper part of the head and shoulders are studded with what appear to be ruins of buildings built on the statue; these are wreathed with greenish flame. Further below and on the ground surrounding the statues are more buildings, an inhabited village. A tunnel or entrance can be seen leading into the body of the statue.

The village is ringed by a wooded stockade. Outside the stockade, on one side of the village there is a domed mound, with a hatch on top.


On the other side of the town are the ruins of an old fortress which the party decided to approach first. The outer walls and tower are collapsed but the central keep remains intact. Each of the former corner towers of the keep had stairs descending into a dungeon.

The group quickly chose one at random and descended into the basement of the former tower, proceeding into a 20’-wide hallway. As the party attempted to open the first door encountered, we were ambushed by eight bugbears. After an extended melee, two fled, 23 cast hold person on another, and five lay slain. We regrouped and continued exploring, passing through several chambers, rooms, and corridors before coming to a room where eight bugbears were looting a sarcophagus. We quickly arranged a bargain: they would leave all their treasure and flee, and we would let them live. And so it was; they left a metal bar (8”x1”x.25”), 200 pounds of silver, and several precious stones and fled with their lives.

The Marvelous Azimuth used a bound creature to teleport our new-found pile of silver to safety, and rejoined the party. Ploosk cast wizard-lock on a door and we slept a night in the dungeon. On question our captive bugbear, now charmed by Xeno, we found that the bugbears were former occupants of the tower in a past age before it was destroyed, when the served “Glaroon.” Next morning we finished exploring the corridor until we came to a dead end: a door which accepted and absorbed the metal bar, presumably as part of a key – the implication being we need to acquire three more to open the door.

There being another three entrances, we chose the next at random and descended into a second set of corridors and chambers. After use of an unusual magical conveyance, we came to a puzzle-room that bore extended thought, so we wizard-locked that entrance and retired to ponder the matter and perhaps return with further members of the gray company.

The puzzle room consisted of a checkered floor with a pattern of green, blue, and yellow intermixed with grey; the far side of the room has an exit corridor partly blocked by a large statue pointing towards the entrance where we came into the room. Detect traps indicated that the floor stones were a big trap. It seems obvious we must think our way past the puzzle to proceed…

317 the bugbear will volunteer to go first, but how should we navigate the room?

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