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Carousing Rules Summary

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Lucky Bellbottom

After the battle with the beholders in the Pharoah's Tomb, Lucky salvaged a pile of beholder parts, which he's stored in a barrel of the finest olive oil. Now that Orb has successfully negotiated the creation of magical items with the enchanters of the Vulpaeum at Yatakar (the "City of the Shifters"), Lucky wishes to employ said enchanters' services to craft magical devices from the beholder bits. Perhaps a cuirass of beholder leather set with the great central eye, he thinks, would provide protection from magic. On the other hand, these eyestalks would doubtless prove useful in the creation of magical wands. And who doesn't like owning magical wands?

Sadly, his supplies of ready cash have dwindled nearly to nothing, but he feels he has enough to get started. Perhaps the Company's magic-users will chip in when the prospect of eyeball-tipped magic wands is raised…

Ookla the mutha-fuckin Mok

As those who have followed the wanderings of our intrepid travelers will recall, some sessions back we looted a tomb guarded by Anubis with hilarious results! While we were able to make off with large quantities of gold and other wealth, we were eventually stopped in our tracks by Anubis, who stole all of John Fighter's henchmen and enchanted John Fighter himself. More importantly, the fucker took my Bag of Holding, which John Fighter had been holding at the moment of his enchantment.

Ookla pleaded with Anubis to return his bag, but Anubis declined to do so. I can't recall the specifics of the conversation, but Anubis did mention that of particular concern to him was the efforts of the various giant tribes, which he said he felt could possibly speed the coming of the next era of creation, which ran contrary to his own interests. Ookla affirmed his continuing dedication to the eradication of giant-kind in the hopes that this might convince Anubis to return his property, but to no avail.

Since this encounter, Ookla has steadily saved his coin and the sum is beginning to approach his share of what was taken from Anubis' tomb. Furthermore, he has gathered and preserved the hearts of all the giants he has had a hand in killing, including the Thane of the Hill Giants, Naglskoltyr and his spy-mistress Hrymner. Initially he had hoped to be able to offer giant hearts that represented the weight in flesh of Hill Giants slain to the weight of the gold taken by Ookla, but the weight of the Hill Giants slain has far surpassed the weight of the 21,961gp taken by Ookla.

So, what Ookla has intended is to find a priest of Anubis who would eventually aid him in making an offer of the 21,961gp (I think he's about 3500gp shy at the moment) and the numerous preserved Hill Giant hearts he has collected in hopes of winning enough of Anubis' favor that he might have his Bag of Holding returned to him. He rolls a 10 on 2d6.

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