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Take on Rakotis. We have the team and the tools to mess with him to ensure Ookla's victory. The time is right: we created a distraction last session that could possibly have removed the priestess from town and/or removed more of his support network. Also, removing him will further weaken the forces allied with the giants.

Ashur Ram - if we have EN Lightenment and/or Caswin with us, they automatically destroy Skeletons, zombies, ghouls; automatically turn wights, wraiths; have a decent chance at turning mummies. As a chaotic bishop, ENL may be able to take control of the undead. Emurac and Bartholmew would also be able to turn many undead, freeing our assassin to do what he does best - after all, "Chrystos, Necromancer Slayer" has a ring to it. The idea of taking his stuff is appealing to, no?

Giants - I am not for this, preferring to pivot targets - but we could assault a Town. Since they may have beefed up security on caravans, lets hit a town with new tactics. Goal is to 1) draw them out and slay many enemy troops, 2) make it obvious it is an external force they are dealing with, not some town-based resistance. This should be apparent with our large troop of dwarves, we could assist by very obviously flying the standard of one of the other adventuring groups we are familiar with. Better yet, we could ascribe credit to Lotur, the savior of Belltower!

What say you?

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