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Carousing Rules Summary

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Ookla the Mok

I understand that there is some sort of thing where carousals from the previous session were meant to have been understood as having happened although our whereabouts was somewhat odd and I'm not really sure if this was ever resolved. If not, I'll try to roll this out one more time!

Back on the trail of an elven cobbler who can repair and shrink the giantesses' boots of elven kind, Ookla would like to try to visit an elven village hopefully not populated by drug addicts. Something I'm unclear about is whether we as a party, or Ookla individually, knows the whereabouts of another elven village. Ookla's first carousal was a successful one where he spent some small amount of gold to gain knowledge of the whereabouts of his lost people, that is, his tribe from over a thousand years ago. Whether that plays into it I don't know.

So I don't know whether there needs to be a separate carousal to find a reasonable elven village or not. However, I roll a 9 on the success roll. Do I have any stats/abilities which might push this over the edge to a 10? Which ones might apply?

Jarri the Pale

Jarri wants to send messengers to the clans of the Dwarven Nation, informing them of the rousing victory he and his 40 stonebeards won over the giant caravan, and how they drove off and nearly killed the white dragon. He will send a letter from the surviving 40 to each of their tribe/clan, describing how they stood strong against the boulders of the foes, only to cut them down like redwoods. With whatever fanfare and serious ceremony can be bought, he's looking for qualified messengers who can tell the story of an up-and-coming hero. I rolled an unmodified 5.

E.N. Lightenment

As much as he enjoys using the Ring of Regeneration, E.N. Lightenment really wants to get his arm back. He will investigate various methods of doing so: spells, potions, prayers, etc. Anything which has a reasonable chance of permanently restoring his arm. He's not even looking to get experience for it, so this doesn't have to be a carousal. (I'm not sure where the party is at the moment, so whatever large city is nearby will do.)

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