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Perhaps we can get a list of those who plan on being in attendance this coming Saturday at the 20-sided store.

Name Character Name(s) Preferred Action
Tavis Duh. Killing PCs
David Ookla the Mok Fighting giants
Thaddeus Xeno or Sans ?
IO John Ho Tep ?
Jedo Tobias ?
Eric G Jarri if giants, Snaedis if not Fighting giants
Jason To be rolled Enjoying old-school new-PC mortality

Also, please comment below to discuss what we might try to accomplish this session.

IO Sez

Back to the Hill Giants?

You receive a contact here: the woman who waved from the tower when you flew over in Celerion's sky-chariot. Celerion brings you word that, a few days later, she flagged him down in the nearest town to which he does normally travel and asked him to bring you this message: "I am a member of a group of adventurers dedicated to the overthrow of the giants. They have placed their yoke on many nearby towns; if you help liberate these holdings, you stand to gain both property and rents when order is restored. If you seek more immediate wealth, the giants extract tribute from the people and haul it to their masters on Mt. Rugneirheim; we could help you learn when these tribute caravans depart."

This woman identifies herself as Ratanna, and her group of adventurers as the Dark Star Guardians. She helps put names and context to the map you saw and sketchily copied in the throne room of the Hill Giant's Steading in the town of Pest's Landing:


Circled towns are occupied by giants who extract tribute. Uncircled towns may be shaken down for tribute occassionally but are not occupied. Single lines indicate roads, double lines rivers. Jagged lines are mountainous trails suited for a giant's tread, hard for humans to navigate.

Ratanna says that Pest's Landing has long been ruled by giants, and that perhaps this is why the frost giants chose to occupy nearby Mt. Rugneirheim in preparation for their assault on the Stronghold of First Principles. With the support of the frost giants and their fire giant allies, and that of a frost-breathing dragon they appear to have enslaved or otherwise controlled, the hill giants of Pest's Landing were able to conquer much of the surrounding territory. Goblins have been brought in to serve the giants in most towns; Pest's Landing is an exception, as the humans there have been oppressed long enough to do the jobs goblins do elsewhere. Unlike goblins, humans have enough of a history of successfully murdering giants that they are not allowed in the Steading of Pest's Landing; conditions differ from place to place, with some giants allowing both goblins and human slaves in their living quarters, others only goblins.

Conqurered lands are forced to produce food to supply the giant army and treasure to fill its coffers. Caravans pass between all the towns in this network bearing trade of one kind or another. Those most likely to be guarded by giants carry food & war supplies and/or treasure. Food goes various places - the fire giants tend to be stationed in the low mountains and require supply, some of the towns have mines but not enough farms to feed the giant garrisons - but much of the food and all of the treasure heads to Mt. Rugneirheim.

Ratanna says that Pest's Landing is under a state of high alert. Reprisals against the human populace have been brutal, and both the killings and the effect on public opinion has endangered the members of the Dark Star Guardians who are staying in town incognito. She is aware of another band of adventurers in town; each of them believes the other was infiltrated by the giantess spymaster, and both alternately blames the other for having killed her and the thane and takes credit for the deed themselves. (Ratanna is not proud of this, but neither is she protected against ESP; if it is brought up she is embarrassed and defensive, insisting that the Guardians have done many heroic deeds, are devoted to liberating the people opporessed by the giants, and war forces strange bedfellows.) Because of the turmoil in Pest's Landing, which is the point of convergence for tribute caravans from all the giant-occupied towns, the guards on caravans on the mountain trails from here to Mt. Rugneirheim have been heavily fortified. These caravans will contain the highest density of treasure and be easier to intercept because of the single route Ratanna believes they travel along. However, she thinks it is too risky to try to hit one of these until the heat dies down, and pledges the scrying assistance of one of the Dark Star Guardian's magic-users to help you pick out treasure caravans in the more diffuse networks beyond Pest's Landing where security has not been enhanced.

If not that, the Necromancer Ashur Ram.

You have a contact here as well: at noon, a shadow as of a robed human appears on the wall which claims to represent the Necromancer. "Greetings, friends!" it says. "It has come to my attention that you may be in the market for enchanted items. I am prepared to offer substantially better pricing than other suppliers you may have been dealing with." Strangely, at the same time as this boldly outlined, dark black shadow appears, an anti-shadow materializes; a wavering, misty, colored image of a tormented-looking, bearded young human man in threadbare robes, standing in the place where one would stand to cast the shadow on the wall. The mouth of this image moves differently from the booming voice of the dark shadow: leaning closely, you hear it whispering: "You could steal these items even more cheaply; my master leaves them in poorly-guarded chests in the dungeons beneath his tower, thereby to propitiate certain gods of tombs and treasures." The dark shadow seems completely unaware of this eidolon.

Except (O Tavis) what is required for us to recover our slain from Smuggler's Run?

They will be able to pass through the portal you established there, as soon as they complete the two-week recovery period from their ordeal. In their brief lucid periods, they find that an enormous, pedantic beetle is, when not nursing them back to health, assembling a diorama of the region with seeds to mark caravans, conical leaves for strongholds, pebbles for troops, and raindrops for wagonloads of gems. When they are awake, this beetle lectures Maldoor, Martain, and Ivan about the movements of cargoes and payments represented by this diagram in a dry monotone that quickly puts them back to sleep.

(And sorry, but WHY are we not just having a thread for this? I beat the drum again: wrong solution!!)

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