w36:Raiding the Hill Giants

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Session 36



John Fighter (Adrian)
Ookla the Mok (Dave)
E.N. Lightenment (Carl)
Tobias the Awkward (Jed)
Arnold Littleworth (James)
Crystos the Assassin (Chris)
Lotur (Chris)
Jari the Stonebeard (Eric G.)
Obscura (Mike)


Sword +1, power vs. Lycanthropes
Potion (faerie fire?)

The combined loot from the three caravans included:
5 cords of an opalescent wood ("ochrist" according to Ookla) worth a total of 3,400 gp
Giant-sized ermine coat, 1,000 gp
Electrum, both newly minted coins and tribute, total value 8,000 gp
Gold jewelry and giant-sized coins from the giants and ogres, total value 6,600 gp
Gems, combined worth of 1,550 gp

Total Treasure recovered was 20,550 but… we donated 10,500 to the druidess, leaving us with 10,050. From which we paid 2,250 gp to hire and equip with plate 40 dwarves.

The remainder comes to 780 gp per character.

Fallen Companions


Enemies Defeated

16 Ogres
1 Hill Giant
1 Hill Giant (paralyzed and decieved into thinking we were orc raiders)
1 Hill Giant child (paralyzed and decieved into thinking we were orc raiders)
1 Trained falcon
1 pragmatic fisherman, in the wrong place/wrong time
50 Goblins, possibly some important, higher level ones (still not tough enough to live through a fireball)
10 Orc outriders
1 Shamanistic scarecrow

Quick Summary

After brief, unsuccessful visit to Ontussa, we flew into giant territory. We camped that first evening hidden in the woods outside Westtown, the next day hit a caravan of barges headed down the river. That evening we slept in the woods, hiking to the next target. The third night we slept in an empty farmhouse, followed by a day of overland travel that included Chrystos single-handedly subduing two giants, and Ookla interrogating badgers and finding a druidess. We slept in the druid's grove that evening, and on the fifth day managed to conduct a third ambush of the more-hevily-guarded third caravan. With the flying chariot missing, we enlisted the aid of two huntsmen to assist us out of giant territory.

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