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Carousing Rules Summary

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Copernicus Quinn

After spending the past few weeks with the (secret) Ents of the region Copernicus returns to the party when they came back from the latest raid on the Giants. When he hears of the discovery of a fellow druid who was stuck in another form due to their own forgetfulness he becomes ecstatic and immediately leaves to meet her. Copernicus being one who is an Initiate of the 1st Circle is honored to train under someone of the 5th Circle. IE: he carouses to pay/work with druid to further his ways.

Chrystos Giant Traumatizer

Chrystos first stop after returning from our crusade is to head to Limbo and pick up Sarah II assuming the vendor has another Giant Bee. It's between about 2 months since my last visit to the vendor and Chrystos would like to see all he has to offer. After that Chrystos would like to see if there are any magical items for sale at any auctions or magic item sellers that we frequent. Later that day Chrystos stops by Ashur Rom to carouse for a type of two way mirror that he could communicate with Ontussa that also had a way to exchange money through it.

Tobias the Awkward

Tobias will redouble his efforts to complete his Monkey Butler spell. Success is so close, he can taste it. (and it tastes sweet, as well as a little on the gamey side….)
If he has additional spare time, he is going to do some initial research into the feasibility of a 'Coin Golem' spell. Basically it would imbue a pile of coins with the ability to move as a cohesive mass, and follow simple instructions. Clearly the party's biggest challenges revolve around moving large numbers of coins from point A to Point B, and the most obvious solution is to make the coins able to walk/slither themselves to Point B.
What could go wrong? (I think that is going to become Tobia's catchphrase.)

Ookla the Mok

Back on the trail of an elven cobbler who can repair and shrink the giantesses' boots of elven kind, Ookla would like to try to visit an elven village hopefully not populated by drug addicts. Something I'm unclear about is whether we as a party, or Ookla individually, knows the whereabouts of another elven village. Ookla's first carousal was a successful one where he spent some small amount of gold to gain knowledge of the whereabouts of his lost people, that is, his tribe from over a thousand years ago. Whether that plays into it I don't know.

So I don't know whether there needs to be a separate carousal to find a reasonable elven village or not. However, I roll a 9 on the success roll. Do I have any stats/abilities which might push this over the edge to a 10? Which ones might apply?

Jarri the Pale

Jarri has 5530 gp. If he has no cap to his carousing, he plans to spend 5000 gp on bettering the forty dwarves who were hired last session. The wrestling expertise Jarri and One-Eyed Esa picked up fighting giants in the fight clubs of the Nameless City will be taught to the dwarves. Esa will also train the dwarves in the use of shield wall and pike tactics. He would also like to procure the services of an armorer, blacksmith, engineer-sapper/miner, and if possible, a runesmith, preferably all dwarves. Finding one or two lieutenants (2nd or 3rd level) to compliment Esa's captainship would also be on the itinerary. Finally, Jarri would like to boost the morale of the troops with a full week of drinking and wenching for the troops.

Jarri rolls an unmodified 9. Would his prior investment into the Dwarven Nation and Barrogin's Barrelmen and enlisting Esa help bump that up to a 10? His stats are normal except for being foolish, exceptionally tough and exceptionally dim.

Sans Sobriquet

Sans uses his ability to commune with magical swords to fully catalogue the magical sword IO picked up last session, so we know ego and special abilities. Then he will journey to limbo to consult the Ninth Menegril and spend up to 4,000 gold in search of possible location and price of magical armor or other protection usable by a fighting-man. He is laughable, so relies on his brightness and toughness, engaging in contests of wit and offering free drinks to loosen tongues to gain the information he seeks… and rolls an unmodified 4, so let's see what muddle he encounters.


Xeno will cast read magic on the scroll we found last session. If it is a new magic-user spell he will volunteer to scribe it into the Grey Company spellbook.

For his carouse, he wishes to go to limbo and attempt to collect a comprehensive list of the libraries, oracles, and distinctive sages of limbo and awesome planet - all the places the Grey Company might wish to plunder do research in at some point in the future. He is willing to pay for information or contacts, lavishly feast those who will give him personal accounts of visits to libraries and places of learning, etc. He hopes to assemble a working reference volume to help the Grey Company with future reference projects. He has up to 4,000 gp to put into this endeavour. (and gets an unmodified 7; he is very bright)

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