Planning for W35

Situation Report

Using the apparatus provided by the Ninth Menegril, you have successfully created an active, continual gate between the dungeon of the Stronghold of First Principles and the demi-plane called Smuggler's Run.

Damlak, the superhero who controls the castle of Buddha's Hand where Maldoor and Into were resurrected, sends a herald to knock on the door of this portal. If you open the door, the herald presents this message in person (a handsome young male human dressed in furs and gems whose value you estimate in the tens of thousands). If you choose to leave the door closed, the herald knocks the following in a rhythm-code the valkyries know.

"Greetings, Grey Company! I bear word from that most esteemed Gentleman of the Road, Damlak, who bids me say:

"I hope Maldoor, Into, E.N. Lightenment, and Arnold are well? It was my pleasure to provide you with bodies, I hope you will wear them in fortunate times. You may all rest assured that reincarnation awaits you in Smuggler's Run.

"I have now jousted with your champions John Fighter and Ivan the Terrible. I have learned some of you whom I cannot trust to keep your word when the stakes are high. But I know there is at least one honest man among you, so in future we can trade fairly for the disposition of the bodies and the transport of your soul. Despite his enmity for you, the Dark One is fully under my control, and you will find me a potent resource in your fight against Lilianth.

"My resurrection fees are high, because I deliver excellent value for top-notch service. I can be up front about this, because the profits that await you in Smuggler's Run are enormous. My fellow adventurers, from this demiplane I drink deep from the wealth of thousands of so-called awesome planets. I can beat the Ninth Menegril's prices, and give you what he never has: fat targets ripe for the picking."


Zekon interrogates Damlak's herald:

Q. Do you follow the First Principles?
A. I pay proper obesiance to both sides of the dynamo that keeps wealth flowing.

Q. What's your relation to the Ninth Menegril?
A. Esteemed competitor. We trade through agents in the Nameless City and in Bartertown.

Q: Who would suffer from the collaborations you propose?
A: The forces of the Law in Smuggler's Run are the dwarves and orcs. We will not betray them, if you wish. This demiplane is full of those who follow Chaos and espouse evil: demons, beastmen, giants, ogres, and brigands. And the richest of all, the merchants, are Brethren of the Coin and Gentlemen of the Road like myself. We understand that thievery is part of the game, and practice it honorably.

Q: What do you offer the Grey Company?
A: I will invest in your operations by providing you with information on profitable heists and by selling you the goods and services you will need to adventure successfully in Smuggler's Run.

Q: What do you expect from the Grey Company?
A: I expect that we will trust one another as little as possible to make money together. I expect that you will execute the jobs you choose based on my information, but with no further assistance from me.

Q: What don't you ask of the Grey Company?
A: I claim none of the profits of your exploits, I will merely endeavor to be your best provider of the things you will be able to afford. I don't need you to protect the fact that I have provided your tips, although I do hope we'll exercise mutual discretion about our mutual business.

Ookla adds a question of his own:

Q: What will Damlak's price be in the future for resurrection given the trap arrangement we unknowingly entered into previously?

A: What is the value of the willing cooperation of the Gray Company? We speak of things that are beyond price. I make my services freely available to those who serve me.

A Specific Proposal

Damlak says "I have information on the activities of several merchant rivals. It would please me to see their businesses disrupted. I have a specific interest in one of their cargoes: the soul of an illusionist, now in the form of a lemure, which has recently been harvested from the Abyss. I will pay you commodities worth 200,000 of your "gold pieces" in exchange for this specific lemure, which is being held as part of a larger herd in a fortified corral, and will pay market value for the rest of the herd. If you wish a job that is lower risk, or offers you more independence, I can provide you with information on the routes of caravans which might be raided; I would profit by the disruption of my rivals' enterprises, and you would be free to sell the cargoes as you see fit."

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