W34: The Orpheus Gambit

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All White Sandbox Summaries

Session 34


Ivan the Terrible, dwarf fighting-woman 3 (Molly)
John Fighter, human fighting-man 7 (Adrian)
Snaedis Sturmsdottir, human frost witch 3 (Eric G.)
Ookla the Mok, elf ranger 6 (David)
Arnold Littleworth, human magic user 6 (James)
Obscura, human illusionist 6 (Mike)
Darwin, dwarf cleric 4 (Carl)

Fallen Companions


Rescued Companions

Maldoor the Magnificient, brought back from Hell

Enemies Slain

One greater ice devil, two lesser bone devils, and four larvae polymorphed into Pokemon coachmen.


The weapons of these devils, and the promise to show mercy to those enemies who could be redeemed while on the demi-plane of Smuggler's Run, were sold to the shedu sister-wives Hayat and Heleigh for the price of 1.2 tons of agglomerated loose coin (24,000 gp), which the shedu said had accumulated at the rate of 1/10,000 years by an astral twist they controlled. They believed the coins were likely to originate from burst bags of holding.

Quick Summary

The party used the juice of the black lotus to enter the Astal Plane. Their astral bodies, naked except for the magic items they brought with them, appeared in a mystical realm with silver cords connecting them to their bodies. As they traveled further away from their bodies, they realized that these silver cords merged into a larger braid. To pass beyond the sphere of the Awesome Planet, they discovered that they needed to hold hands like skydivers in a ring in order to pull this braid past a membrane surrounding their world.

Once they emerged into the starry astral space, they encountered a floating wheel of metal made of gold, platinum, and lead, some six feet in diameter; the gate that Patriarch Zekon had provided. They also saw the infinitely huge and distant face of the Dreaming God, Myfanwy, and some kind of creature in a long, flowing robe swimming in the astral sea in the direction that Myfanwy was gazing. Our heroes felt that Myfanwy was singing words of great wisdom to them, which their own brains were too small to contain. Attempts to move in the god's direction were abandoned for fear that gazing too long at her might produce undesirable results. Moving in the direction she was gazing would bring the heroes in contact with the robed swimmer, which they were loathe to do.

Various methods, including visualizing Maldoor's location (by those who had seen it while dead) and a locate object spell was used to point in a direction of travel which the party pursued for an indefinable time. They passed by, but chose not to approach, an enormous gobbet of decaying flesh from which crenellations and fortifications protruded, much like a child's jack. Viewing the guards on these battlements, the more scholastic members of the group believed that this might be a fortress of the githyanki, astral creatures which are spoken of in tomes from other ages of creation.

Past this, the travelers encountered and defeated an aggressive group of bone devils, and then met a bone devil traveling in a palanquin borne by a group of polymorphed magicians. Attempts to negotiate with this devil collapsed, and it was slain as well. The final encounter was with a pair of lammasu sister-lovers, Hayat and Heleigh, who were familiar with the party's destination: a demi-plane called Smuggler's Run.

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