w32: The Anubis Caper

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Session 32


Obscura (Mike)
Theos (Joe)
Chrystos (Chris)
Emurac (Karoum)
Jarri (Eric)
Caswyn (Eric)
Lucky (Eric)
Sans Sobriquet (Thaddeus)
Into, the Mystic (Thaddeus)
Xeno (Thaddeus)
John Fighter (Adrian)
Tobias (Jed)
EN Lightenment (Carl)
Darwin of Drumthwacket (Carl)
Ookla (Dave)

(Also created during the session, but getting no exp:)
Smash (Carl)
Snoedis Sturmdottr (Eric)
Dugdale (Jed)


200 gems with total value of 10,000 gp
302,500 gp
4 potions of undead control
Ring of water walking
Ring of fire resistance
Wand of paralyzation
3 books of 3 cleric spells each (clerical scrolls)
7 scrolls, each with 7 M-U spells

Fallen Companions

Into, the Mystic
EN Lightenment (resurrected by Patriarch Zekon after the session)

Enemies Slain

2 beholders

Quick Summary

The Grey Company gathered forces and returned to the tomb of the pharoah, undaunted by the lies of the Caged One. Anubis does not appear, so the treasure room is breached. After slaying the guardians, logistics become the enemy until Anubis appears and puts an end to our grave-robbing.


Determined to finally get a large haul, the company again risks Anubis' presence, this time finding the way clear. Chrsystos scouts ahead and finds the treasure room guarded by two beholders. Under cover of his robe of blending he manages to assassinate one of the beholders, but is then blinded and charmed by the other. When the rest of the group charges in after him, he backstabs Into, the Mystic into an early grave.

In the ensuing combat EN Lightenment is struck by a death ray and falls, and several of John Fighter's men-at-arms are also slain. Jarri is also charmed by the creature, while Theos manages to charm Chrystos in turn. Illusionary dragons summoned by Obscura, volleys of arrows from John's men and melee from Theo's imaginary dwarves eventually bring the creature down.

The loot in the room proves too much to carry, so the group drops all else and carries as much gold as they can to Hruhrudingfallor. Many in the group return the next day, reinforced with other members of the company and 30 hired engineers. The group again successfully hauls over a hundred thousand gold from the tomb.

The third try wakes Anubis. The 30 engineers and all of John fighter's men are taken, and both John Fighter and Theos are charmed and are subsumed by the will of the god: they are pledged to return money equal to that which was stolen, and then entomb themselves within.

Anubis has words for the rest of the Company and explains that the group will be allowed to leave the tomb if they all pledge to fight the giants, who are the current greatest threat to this age of creation. The group so promises, some more earnestly than others, and the survivors depart empty-handed.

A note on experience

Totals on the spreadsheet are not equal since many could not absorb this much experience. Those who could not use all the experienced got as much exp as would let them come within 1 point of a second level. These characters leveled:

Obscura (6)
Chrystos (7)
Lucky (6)
Emurak (4)
Theos (4)
Caswin (4)
Jarri (4)
Tobias (4)
Sans (4)
Darwin (4)
Xeno (4)

Most are within a single carouse of leveling again…

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