W31: Barbarossa's Wild Ride

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++Session 31


James, playing Barbarossa
George, playing Martang (?)
Dave, playing Ookla the Mok
Eric, playing Jarri
Jed, playing Tobias the Awkward
Carl, playing E.N. Lightenment
Eric M., playing Orb
Thaddeus, playing Into the Mystic
Adrian, playing John Fighter
Jared, playing Garrett


"Suppository Wand of Metal Detection"
Pelts of Displacer Beasts
Preserved Rust Monster Antenna
64 Limbonian Bone Coins
Fluted Leather Armor (non-magical, worth twice regular leather armor)
Two Limbonian swords (non-magical)
Keyring of Big Bill the Limbonian Enforcer
Encrypted Journal of Big Bill the Limbonian Enforcer

Fallen Companions

(nearly) Jarri

Enemies Slain

10 Mummies
4 Displacer Beasts (finally! some trademarked IP!)
1 Rust Monster (another piece of trademarked IP!)
Big Bill, the Limbonian Enforcer

Quick Summary

The Grey Company opens negotiations with a demon within the Pharaoh's Tomb, and Barbarossa dies in the pursuit of a scientific hypothesis.

The Shield Wall Against The Tentacled Shimmer Demon Beasts
Naroob The Limner
oil soot ink and crypt chalk on barkpaper

Long Summary

After spending an inordinate amount of time resolving carouses, the Grey Company, joined by Barbarossa of the Company of Crossed Pikes, descended into the Pharaoh's Tomb. There they sought the ultimate treasure, guarded by Anubis the god of Death. The Company allowed Barbarossa to join them on the explicit promise that he volunteer to brave Anubis's death-magic.

In their delving the Company sprang an alarm, and the voice of the Caged One tried to negotiate with them from afar. The Caged One is supposedly a demonic rival of Lilianth, who due to the machinations of the Little Girl is imprisoned in a birdcage within the tomb. The Caged One offered to intercede with the gods on the Grey Company's behalf, if they could frustrate Lilianth's ambitions. The Caged One struck a similar deal with Zorla the Librarian-Demonogist, but Zorla betrayed them.

In between chatting with the Caged One, the party once again approached the pit between the boat room and the mummy room. Roughly half the party crossed the rope bridge and peered into the open mummy room. The ten mummies within appeared to be inert, with metal pieces by their feet. It should be noted that the room directly north (?) of the mummy room was also open, though none of the party checked until after we had set up our shield wall. The party filled the mummy room with a dozen oil flasks, closed and spiked the door, ignited the fire, and waited for mummies to burn up. From within the room, clanging could be heard, as it seemed the mummies used the metal pieces to sound an alarm.

Around this time, Jarri wondered aloud, "Hey, did we check to see if there's anything in the other room?" Peeking into the room, he saw tentacled pumas materializing, followed by a strange, propeller-topped creature smelling of metal. The door to that room was quickly shut and spiked as well, as the party waited for the fire to finish the mummies.

The doors were bashed down after the flames took a lot of fight out of the undead. The mummies were quickly webbed by one of the magic users, while EN's Killing Frost formed part of the shield wall with John and Jarri. The unnatural wraith so troubled John's hirelings, they refused to attack with their spears. While the displacer beasts were slowly but surely whittled down to size, Jarri took a number of hits and had to withdraw, again surviving the Pharoah's Tomb due to his dwarven constitution. Some shoddy marksmanship resulted in friendly fire, but nothing fatal. Ookla's (?) eagle flew into the room, became giant-sized, and took the fight to the rust monster. After overcoming the bamfing pumas, the party finished off the rust monster. The three mummies nearest the door in the web were also destroyed.

While the fight was occurring, the voice of the Caged One continued to banter with Tobias. As a token of sincerity, the Caged One described other rooms in the Tomb, leading to a brief sojourn to Limbo (killing some dude who wanted to report us to… somebody else), and the recovery of a magic wand.

Ultimately the Company dared to penetrate the vault of Anubis. The god came forth to smite the avatar of the Killing Frost (which had been sent in first) - so that now there are two Anubis's, both made out of frost. After a period of waiting, the coast appeared clear, so Barbarossa charged into the room hoping to get lucky. He was not, and joined them.

So now there's the original huge Anubis statue, covered in frost; the Killing Frost Anubis, grown to giant size; and then a man-sized Anubis that was Barbarossa. Therefore if Anubis is present for a particular session, he stays present for the rest of that session. He doesn't go back to sleep.

(James left shortly after this; maybe there was a huge development, but it seemed unlikely at that point.)

The party, finding nothing of worth roaming about the corridors from the Wand of Metal Detection, decided to go back to the mummy room and finish off the remaining 7 mummies.

Loose Ends

What is the Caged One? Who's the Little Girl? What's the backstory there with Lilianth, and Zorla, and the rest?

Big Bill, the guy in Limbo, took one look at us piercing the dimensional wall and thought "Bounty!" and ran off, presumably to report seeing us to somebody else. Then we killed him! Was Big Bill: (a) in the employ of one of our enemies? or (b) simply reporting our unauthorized trans-dimensional invasion of the Nameless City? If the latter, we may have been completely in the wrong to show up in Limbo that way.

Lilianth is apparently angry at the Grey Company for defaming her, and wants revenge. Anubis is angry at us for defiling the tomb. Evidently these guys are engaged in a tug-of-war for our souls, and this is the only thing keeping us safe from endless torment when we die. We need to be careful not to upset the balance of power between Lilianth and Anubis.

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