Father Vrithni is the head of a militant order who has dedicated his life to trapping the archmage Yorta within the Cage of Serimet. Vrithni and his fifteen followers have been at this task for at least 20-30 years, stuck underground with their foe. "Veteran heroes all, they are well equipped and very skilled. Their long service has worn them badly; they ache, sleep poorly, and yearn for tales of sunlit places. The youngest of
them is 50, and there are no new recruits."

Vrithni has two goals: (a) keep Yorta trapped, and (b) try to recruit more people to the order.

Vrithni, by the text, is a paladin who possesses a sword of wizard-slaying and a shield that provides protection against transmutation.

In terms of D&D 5e, Vrithni is likely a paladin (or sword-wielding cleric) of approximately 10th level or a little lower—Yorta probably outclasses him. Someone from his order cast planar ally to summon Serimet, perhaps from a scroll, and when Serimet arrived Yorta trapped her with planar binding.

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