The Vicarage of Apollo


Vine of the beast mistress produces sustenance and wealth
Off-duty PCs studying/harvesting the vine provide security
Vinyards on grounds create economic opportunity


Relatively far from other towns or settlements
Basement door leads to underground river, much of which is unexplored/cleared


Following session #32, a thousand gold pieces were placed in escrow to hire workers and lay in supplies.

The money is placed in trust with the Patriarch Zekon, whose stronghold is nearby (I think) and whose motives are beyond reproach. As a fellow cleric of Law, Caswyn trusts Zekon to direct him to appropriate sources for trustworthy workers. For the moment, Caswyn thinks that a dozen engineers and a dozen guards should suffice to prepare the place, at least until he can begin proselytizing to win acolytes to Apollo's creed (on his next carouse).

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