Ursa Negra

Grisette Perez is a Dominican mutant super villain. In addition to being able to climb very well, and emit a photo-reactive sweat that blankets an area in darkness, she possesses murderously sharp claws. (The image used here is just a placeholder - finding "Black Bear Girl Costume" doesn't give a whole lot of useful hits. Imagine the woman as Hispanic and the bear stuff more as part of her body than a costume. And also extremely badass instead of ridiculous.)

In SS01: "When Calls the Kodiak!" she worked with Commander Kodiak, only to be narrowly defeated in claw-to-claw combat against the mysterious Green Mantis and taken into custody at the federal penitentiary at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

In SS08: "When A Bird Loves a Bear", the sinister Black Condor threatened to blow up several East Coast cities unless Ursa Negra was released from prison. Though the authorities refused to release her, Ursa Negra staged a break-out with the help of either the Monkey King or the Paper Tiger.

In SS08: "Where The Mantis Rides, He Rides … Alone!" the avenging wrath of the Green Mantis chased down Ursa Negra after her jailbreak, as she tried to free Commander Kodiak. Though the battle wrecked the Mantis-Cycle, the Green Mantis again emerged victorious.

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