Player TavisAllison
Class Cleric 1
Title Orcish Acolyte
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages (Common, Orcish, Old Tongue)
Strength 7 (-1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 9 (read and write native languages)
Wisdom 13 (+1 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 6 (-1 to hit with missile weapons, initiative; +1 penalty to AC)
Constitution 8 (-1 hit points per die)
Charisma 10 (max. 4 retainers; 7 morale)
Armor Class 4
Hit Points 5
Special Ability
Orcish Child: Speaks Orcish, can more easily negotiate with orcs, will gain stats with age.

When the Company of Crossed Swords entered the old tower at Mienville, Gael brought this orcish child back to civilization with him and trained her in the nascent faith of the Boss. She has named herself "ur-Boss" in the orcish fashion, meaning "servant of the Boss."

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