Unsolved Mysteries

Personal Sub-Plots

  • How will Chrononaut find the respect and admiration he deserves?
  • Will the Starspanner recommend that Earth join galactic society?

Other Mysteries

  • Siberiax: who is he?! what is he?!? Mentioned by Commander Kodiak in SS01.
  • Who is the child arsonist who tried to burn down a building in SS02? He was wearing a Mets shirt, a Ninja Turtles watch, was about 13, and had done time in juvie for truancy.
  • Who is Alonzo, who ran into a burning building to rescue a laptop and several well-hidden flash drives in SS02?
  • What's the connection between Luann Melendez, girlfriend of a crooked cop; Leslie Rexroth, child of a pharmaceutical executive facing legal liabilities; and Alex Quine, brother of an former health insurance exec and experimental banker? Who is the red ghostly figure who infected each of them with rare diseases?
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