Ulrich's Werebears

This group of werebears are students of Patriarch Zekon, who warned them against Ookla. They are rivals of the den of werebears that Fionguala was part of, many of whom were wiped out by the Beast Lord's fireball.

When encountered in Session 26, there were 14 werebears: their leader, five able warriors, and eight cubs and elders. Thirster detected good while near this group. Their initial encounter with a young woman of the den, Springmoss, was shaky - she feared Ookla's reputation - but peaceful contact was made.

Their leader is Ulrich, who seems temperate and wise; he acknowledged that John Fighter had treated honorably with Fionguala's pack according to the laws of men, but that paying them in gold was poorly done according to the laws of bears, as the survivors used their earnings to get drunk and buy clothing. Ulrich also agreed to judge Ookla according to the deeds he witnessed and not the reports he heard, and was favorably impressed when Ookla requested that one of the warriors, Salmoncatcher, be dispatched to warn Zekon that the frost giants were planning to march on his stronghold.

John Fighter's diplomatic gifts persuaded Ulrich to dispatch his four remaining warriors to accompany the group into F'chelrak's Tomb - the females Stinky, Goya, Broomhilda, and the male Berries - in order to assist them in undoing the evil that a previous group of adventurers had roused. All survived the adventure. After he drank a potion of heroism, John persuaded Broomhilda to bear his child, or at least enact the preliminaries thereunto. She continues to respect the handsome fighter, but Berries seethes with jealousy and has vowed to inform Patriarch Zekon of what happened.

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