Trial By Fire, Session 3

(This is foner’s test drive of AD&D first edition, played entirely by-the-book. The module is “Trial by Fire” from Judges Guild.)


  • Dragonfly, Human Monk, played by FredH
  • Kalem, Elven Mage, played by BlueLightning
  • Reggio Emilia, Gnome Illusionist/Thief, played by skidoo
  • Torlock, Human Fighter, played by dorje
  • Udayan, Human Cleric of Kali, played by Invincible Overlord

The last brief visit to the secret fortress near Auburndale whets the adventurers' appetites. Dragonfly, Reggio Emilia, Udayan and the hireling Kenny prepare for their next delve at the Watering Hole of Crossed Purposes.

But, they wonder over their ale, what if we fall prey to what slew the first party of elves? Fortunately, a cousin of the deceased, Kalem the Prestidigitator, arrives in town and joins up with the company. Kalem convinces the inkeeper, Ficus the Elder, to give him the papers of his departed family. These include a map of their first exploration! Surely this will be as easy as a walk in the park now!

But, they wonder over more ale, what if we don't have enough burly bullies to walk first? Fortunately, such a bully strolls into the tavern: Torlock, a local armorer, with an unfortunate history of wrestling people to death. He is ready to try his Lucerne Hammer on some beastmen.

Descending into the secret fortress, the party explores the SW portion of the dungeon. They discover the laboratory of a former alchemist inhabitant, who was so enamored of their work that they kept their bed in the lab. Kalem packs up several encrusted glass vials and some powdered iron. Udayan discovers a mystical scroll wedged under the bed, where all mystical scrolls are kept.

Next, the party finds a room with a large, red, stone block that glows faintly. Udayan attempts to activate it by moving it, tapping it, and lying upon it and screeching for his goddess. All for naught. This room is left to explore later.

The party doubles back and explores to the west. There they find what appears to be a scriptorium or clerk's office, with three desks and a glowing white ball on the ceiling. The party marvels that what is said to be a military fortress contains such enchantments. Torlock recalls a legend about the fortress: it is said that weapons fly from their scabbards and strike at their owners.

Udayan, ever eager to summon the love of Kali, throws a rock at the light-ball, and puts it out. The party's torches go out as well. Two lizardlike humanoids, smelling nauseous, approach from the south. A torch is quickly lit, and a battle against superior foes ensues. This time, the party is victorious, thanks to its greater numbers and better rolls. Still, Udayan is knocked unconscious, and Torlock and Dragonfly are wounded greviously.

Fearing for their lives, the party fails to loot their foes and heads for the exit. As they attempt to escape the dungeon, they encounter two kobolds. The monsters' hate for Reggio the gnome overcomes any desire to parley with the wounded-but-still-well-stocked-with-pointy-things party. Two rounds later the kobolds are sent to the next world, and the party finds time to loot their corpses of 26 copper pieces. PROFIT!

Udayan (unconscious, requires 1 week rest)
Torlock (wounded)
Dragonfly (wounded)

1 Scroll of three M-U spells (Shield, Hold Portal, Light)
26cp (split 5 ways, with the extra copper going to Kenny)

written up by skidoo

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