Traveller Character Generation

How to Make a Character

Step One
Roll for your Random Background.

2 - You are an alien, local to the Gateway Quadrant. Choose from Danin (look like Deep Ones), Sphinx (telekinetic flying umm sphinxes), or make up your own minor race with GM consultation.
3 - You are from the Gateway Quadrant, pick the characteristics of your homeworld.
4 - You are from a world in the Gateway Quadrant with no special characteristics.
5 - You are from an Imperial world far from the border with a slightly unusual climate. Roll 1 Asteroid, 2 Desert, 3 Ice-Capped, 4 Water World, 5 Agricultural, 6 Vacuum Planet.
6 - You are from an Imperial world that has no special characteristics.
7 - You are like the majority of Imperial citizens and hail from one of the High Population, High-Tech, Industrial worlds, far from the borders.
8 - You are from an Imperial world that has no special characteristics.
9 - You are from an Imperial world whose characteristics you may choose.
10 - You are from a primitive Low-Tech world. You may choose other reasonable characteristics for your homeworld. You can choose whether your backwater is in the Imperium or the Gateway Quadrant.
11 You are psionic! Roll your Psionic Strnegth using the best 2 out of 3 dice. You can choose the characteristics of your homeworld and its location. You can choose a psi career instead of your random roll and still receive three rerolls. You may be Zhodani if you choose.
12 - You are an alien, but not from the Gateway Quadrant. Choose from Vargr or Hiver, or make up your own minor race with GM consultation.

Then, decide if you accept the random background.

  • If you do, roll your stats as best 2 out of 3, in order.
  • If you don’t, pick the details of your background and homeworld. Roll straight 2d6 for your stats but arrange the rolls as you like.

Pick background skills and give your character a name.

Step Two
Roll your Random Starting Career.

2 - Entertainer
3 - Agent
4 - Citizen or Scholar
5 - Rogue
6 - Merchant
7 - Navy or Marines
8 - Scout
9 - Army
10 - Drifter
11 - Nobility (you may raise your Soc to 10)
12 - Roll again, but you are not limited to five terms.

Then, decide if you accept the random starting career.

  • If you do, you must apply to this career in your first term, but you may retry three rolls during your career. After the first application, you can make any choice you like.
  • If you turn down the granted career, you may automatically enter the career of your choice, but may not retry any rolls.

Step Three
Now proceed normally. You may use the extended process of any of the careers. Only those who entered a psi career at start may progress in that career. If you fail a survival roll, you may elect to die and start over.

Note the details for each term. Ignore the “connections” rule, but feel free to jam on associations between PCs. Note the circumstances of your Contacts, Allies, Rivals, and Enemies, but don’t try to name or detail them yet. We will discover exactly who they are in play. Though something in your background may be kept a secret from the other characters, let the other players in on everything.

You may not serve more than 5 terms (unless you roll a 12 on your “survival” for your fifth term, in which case you must go on). Resolve Mustering Out each time you leave a career, and resolve aging or rehabilitating injuries at that time. If you do not have the cash to pay for medical treatment at the time you muster out, then the injury is not rehabilitated. You cannot heal on credit. Treat mustering out results of Combat Implant as Weapon or Armor, player’s choice.

If you decide to stop after only two terms, you may distribute 4 points to your characteristics and add one point to any skill, even one you don’t have.

If you decide to stop after only three terms, you may add 2 points to any skills you already have.

Step Four
After you’ve mustered out of your final term, you can use any cash to purchase equipment, but may not spend more than ¼ on weapons, armor, or ammunition. Vacc suits do not count as armor.

Write a three sentence summary of your character as they are now, and answer the question, “Why are you traveling?”


Two alien races native to Gateway Quadrant are mentioned above: The Sphinx and The Danin.

The Sphinx are an intelligent alien species native to the Gateway Quadrant. They resemble bat winged greyhounds with flat African masks for heads and a vertical mouth at the center front of their chest. They fly by a combination of wings and telekinetic propulsion. The sphinx prefer earth-like worlds with lower gravity. Their personalities seem oracular to most humans, and their politics tremendously complex and obscure. The Sphinx have done quite well for themselves, especially those found traveling in human space.

Sphinx have Notable Soc +2, Weak Str -2, Weak Dex -2, can Fly, and are Psionic. Roll Psionic Strength like the other characteristics (using best two out of three dice if the random background was accepted). All sphinx are telekinetic enough to fly and aid themselves in manipulation (their paws are thumbed but inferior to human hands). They do not need to spend psi strength points to do so. Some can develop their psi further. PCs do so by following a psi career, though the Wild Talent assignment is unavailable. Sphinx psi talent for anything beyond flight and manipulation degrades with age exactly as humans. Some career paths are inappropriate for Sphinx: Marines, Rogue, and Scout.


Together with their human partners, the Danin rule the Mandanin Codominion. Generally humanoid in form, Danin are amphibious bipeds with scaled skin, bulbous yellow-white eyes, dozens of mobile needle-sharp teeth that pluck rhythmically against each other in waving ranks, a strong tail, and a “wattle” — a grisly mass of vented pleats beneath their jaw that serves as lungs, gills, and erogenous zone. The Danin digestive system is distributed rather than linear - partially digested food is peristalsized throughout their body through dedicated vessels, the waste products eventually emerging through large pores, while oxygen and carbon dioxide travels through a more conventional vascular system. Components of their immune system and intercellular signals travel through both. Danin always emit a distinct smell — usually perceived as repulsive to those unused to them. Danin usually do not stand straight, but when they do are usually a foot or so shorter than the average man. Their arms are quite long and their legs stubby. They often knuckle walk and, rather than stand in place, will squat or lean on their knuckles. When swimming, they use their tails, the short legs, and a powerful breaststroke all together. Danin hands are inferior to men’s hands, but much of their fine manipulation depends on their dental endowment. Danin speech is a combination of fricatives and softly ringing trills of cross-plucking crystalline teeth. Many of their early writing systems depended on dental wire sculptures. Modern Danin clothe themselves somewhat less than men — their skins are an important component of their excretory system and their distributed physiology does well with temperature changes. However, they are equally prone to decorate themselves for complex social reasons, often using jewelry and long-lasting body dyes, often on their eyes.

Omnivorous, gregarious, and ambitious, Danin are surprisingly manlike in personality. After overcoming the initial mutual repulsion after contact, man and Danin proved quite capable of living and working together. Both can produce intelligible versions of each other’s speech without mechanical aid, though the speaker’s race is obvious. Earth-like worlds of the Codominion usually have majority Danin populations in undersea cities and men on land, but there is always extensive mixing. The Codominion embraces integration whole-heartedly — few important teams consist of man or Danin exclusively.

In game terms, danin are aquatic, have Notable Str +2, Weak Dex -2, and can follow the rough equivalent of any career path.

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