Tobias The Awkward

3rd level Human Magic User

  • Exceptionally Bright
  • Exceptionally Clumsy
  • Fires missiles at a -1
  • +10% XP
  • Alignment: Neutral

Early 20s, tall and thin, he dresses in a sinister black cloak, (which is somewhat less sinister due to his tendency to be constantly tripping over it.)

INT 17
WIS 11
CHR 12

Special Ability: Burglary

Appeared in Sessions 28, 29, 31, 32

Tobia's Background:

The Brotherhood of the Void was the only family Tobias ever knew. He was taken one night and raised in their abbey near the river Muir. They said he was a foundling, though in later years he had come to doubt the brother’s words.

He was trained in the art of magic, as well as a variety of skills related to sneaking, climbing, and entering locked rooms. Tobias trained to be a “Finder”, a procurer of ‘candidates’. A kidnapper for the brotherhood, one who would steal away specific individuals to become part of the brotherhood’s great work. He never questioned the purpose of his calling- he had been taught that the Great Work was a powerful ritual that would being great joy and happiness to the entire world was the most important thing. But the ritual required many many souls to be sacrificed on the alters of the brotherhood. “All perfectly logical…” would think Tobias.

Unfortunately Tobias was a tall gangly teenager with a tendency to trip over his own feet, and as he reached his early twenties, he showed no signs of growing out of it. On more then a few occasions, while sneaking into a “candidate’s” house they would be alerted by Tobias tripping over a cat, knocking over a table of china, or accidentally falling down the basement stairs. Eventually Tobias was reassigned to duty back at the Black Abbey, guarding the candidates cages, and when summoned, would escort the next candidate to the alter where the Brothers of the Void would make short work of them. The was fine, of dull work for Tobias… for a while.

Later he was never quite sure if he had knocked that candle over when leaving to relieve himself - certainly he had left that barrel of lamp oil out, since it made a handy foot rest. But in the end, it didn’t matter- the fire that torched the candidates in their cages, and eventually consumed the south wall of the Abbey was more then enough to set back the great work many weeks.

The Abbot of the Void surveyed the damage the next morning, and while pinching the bridge of his nose sighed and said he had such a headache. Then the other brothers threw a sack over his head, beat him with staves, and then dropped him into the River Muir. (Fortunately the sack was quite singed by the fire, and Tobias was able to tear his way out before he drowned.)

Tobias' current plan is to earn enough treasure to repay the brothers for the damage to the Abbey, and be welcomed back into the Brotherhood of the Void by the Abbot. He has fallen in with the Gray Company, and followed them into the Pharaoh’s Tomb (which seems promising for such loot) but to date he is no closer to his goal. His fear is that the brotherhood has heard that he survived, and may come looking for him before he is able to make amends.

Magic items:

  1. Scroll of explosive Runes
  2. Potion of Desperation #2 (thick Ammonia smelling fog in a flask.)
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