Tizun Thane

Tizun Thane was a magic-user and trading partner of the Ninth Menegril. He was killed by his bodyguard Thraak, a monstrous ape-like creature known as a gu'en-deeko which had been trained by the Assassin's Guild of the Nameless City. Thraaak was a very efficient chief of security both because he loved his master and, like all his kind, he could gain the memories of the dead by eating their brains.

Sometime around session #10, Thraaaak killed a would-be intruder to Tizun Thane's manse outside the Nameless City; the memories of this assassin indicated that had been hired by someone who told him that Tizun Thane was planning to betray his household and needed Thraaaaak taken out of the way first. Enraged, Thraaaaaak killed Thane, but upon eating the magic-user's brain learned that it contained no memories of having hired this assassin. Mad with grief, Thraaaaaaak now believes himself to be Tizun Thane, and does seem to have the skills of both an assassin and a wizard of considerable power.

Tizun Thane is survived by his two brothers, Diker and Segaa.

Thraaaaaaaak was last seen in the topmost tower room of Tizun Thane's manse, where a creeping coins had just killed Ookla. Thraaaaaaaaak had been stripped of his items and was under the effects of a hold person spell, but was unhurt and had been seen to cast only a few of his spells.

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