Tirru Stryggal

An orc-nest in the Blightlands, the rulership of which was recently usurped by Stryggal Threestakes, hence "Tirru-Stryggal." (Orc-nests generally are named "Tirru-[Leader's Name].") Located near al-Bim's Tower, Tirru-Stryggal has traditionally had a rivalry with Tirru-Aggal.

Stryggal's orcnest, like all of its kind, stands a hundred feet above the horizon on four massive stilts of pine. By day, it can be seen a dozen miles away and the eyes of its lookouts spy almost as far.

Its upper surface flaps with the hides of hundred kills, and its great wooden belly houses a hundred orcs. The interior is divided into three levels. Stryggal and his lieutenants dwell in the smallest, upper level. The middle level, the largest, is a dark, humid warren seething with orcs and their pups. The small lowest level houses the winches, the butchers and the sand pit that holds the great cookfire. Greasy black smoke pours up the central column and out the top.

Below the nest, effluent pools in a basin of packed earth, giving off an intense smell detectable from many miles downwind. (Any who fall in risk a drowning beyond description, and even those rescued will certainly fall ill.)

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