Threshold is a village in the foothills of the Black Peaks. Generations ago, it was a prosperous town where merchants from Specularum, Halfling farmers, and even Elves would come to trade with the Dwarves. But for a hundred years the Dragon Army ruled the Black Peaks, and Threshold was looted and left in ruins, with only a handful of families surviving. Recently, however, the Dragon Army was defeated, and Lord Stefan has claimed Threshold as part of his territory.

Today Threshold has the population of a small village amid the ruins of a much larger town. Mercenaries and soldiers from the recent battle throng the streets, however, and many adventurers are flocking to the place, drawn by rumors of Dwarven craftwork and the Red Dragon's hoard hidden somewhere in the nearby mountains.

Locations in Threshold

Dwarven Warehouse - built by the Dwarves, now Belrain the Sword-Singer's command post
East Gate
Goblin Castle - built by the first Lord Froderic in happier days
Richboro - the sandy river banks south of town, inhabited by a Halfling clan
Ruined Church


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